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It’s been a while since Blizzard updated the WotLK Classic beta — 3 weeks, in fact. Some players were starting to grow impatient with the wait for an update, as the lack of level 80 templates discouraged a lot of players who are interested in trying out the new content but do not feel up to the task of going through the entire level 70 to level 80 questing experience.

Thankfully, Kaivax has put an end to our wait! Blizzard just released an update to the beta, with a whole host of patch notes to go with it.

The immediate eye-grabbers of course are raid testing & arenas being enabled, and of course, level 80 templates. Anyone who wants to try out the new goodies without doing the leveling grind, rejoice!

There’s a whole bunch of other smaller changes, such as fixes to the Death Knight Rune system. However, with raids coming out, players will likely be slightly too busy testing stuff out!

What are your thoughts on these notes? Will you be trying the beta now that level 80 template characters are available? Let us know in the comments below!

Kaivax – (Source)

Beta Test Release Build 44729
July 20, 2022

Testing Updates

  • The Death Knight starting zone is now separated into different phases by faction.
  • The Guild event log is now functional.
  • Addons are now enabled in the Wrath Classic beta.
  • We will start a Beta Arena Season on July 21.
  • Initial raid testing will begin on July 21.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing players to disconnect when exiting a vehicle.

  • Fixed a bug that generated unintended errors when opening the Auction House.

  • Heroic Dungeons now drop Emblems of Heroism.

  • Quests

    • Entering a Horde siege engine should no longer generate an error during “The Plains of Nasam”.
    • “The Battle for The Undercity” should no longer include Deathguard Elites who spawn and prevent the quest from continuing.
    • Fixed a bug on “Mystery of the Infinite” where summoned creatures could unintentionally be level 80.
  • Classes

    • Death Knight
      • Numerous fixes have been made to make Runes functioning as expected, and recharge rates are fixed.
      • Fixed a bug with Ebon Gargoyle summon casting inconsistently.
      • Fixed bugs causing dual spec swap issues with Buffed Ghouls and Unholy Frenzy.
    • Druid
      • Berserk should no longer remove Tigers Fury.
    • Paladin
      • Judgement spells should now trigger Seal of Corruption.
    • Warlock
      • Fel Armor ranks 1 and 2 should now provide health regeneration
      • Demonic Pact and Flametongue Totem should no longer stack.
  • Player versus Player

    • Fixed a bug causing Battleground scoreboards to incorrectly display Honor accrued.

Selected Known Issues

  • Ring of Valor and Strand of the Ancients are disabled at this time.
  • A bug is preventing Fishing from being testable at some low skill levels.
  • A bug is preventing Kel’Thuzad from properly giving credit for the “Scourge Leader Identified” step of “The Plains of Nasam”.

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