pve retribution paladin talents & builds (wotlk 3.3.5a)

Considering the fact we are reviewing the latest patch of our expansion, we will have a versatile talent choice, which emphasises the huge utility that the Paladin Class offers along with the high damage capabilities it brings to its party and raid.

 The Paladin class works around a specific type of buff called auras, those auras improve our resistances and help us mitigate damage, we choose Aura Mastery in order to buff our aura’s effects and provide the raid with a very strong defensive. Among the aura buffs, the Paladin class has a specific type of buffs,  which can help the party members mitigate physical damage, be immune to slow effects and take over part of the damage that is received by party members onto the Paladin instead. For this purpose we are adding two points to   Guardian’s Favor.

The specialization is meant to offer utility while also dishing out a high-burst type of damage, often  being found among the top 10 players in the damage charter. Another example of 2 major utility spells that the Retribution paladin Class brings  are Repentance and Judgement of the Wise.

Judgement of the Wise offers refreshment for the whole group, which regenerates man and Repentance is an incapacitating effect for 1 minute on the target, works well to control mobs.Your bread and butter main spam abilities  are  Crusader Strike  and Divine Storm, Divine storm will be affected by a reset proc with tier 10, so use it whenever you have it up, meanwhile crusader strike should be used on cooldown as well.


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