Cataclysm Classic Heroic Packs Now Available
  • Author: Passion
  • Date: November 3, 2023
  • Updated: November 3, 2023
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

With the announcement of Cataclysm Classic comes the Heroic Upgrade. This grants players a level 80 boost, available for use immediately in Wrath Classic. For more information on the Heroic Upgrade see our article here.

This boost will immediately take either a pre-existing or brand new character straight to level 80, complete with a full set of gear, bags, and a mount. Additionally, players will be taken along on a handful of tutorial quests showing how to train skills, how to spend talent points, and eventually taking you to Dalaran.

Unfortunately, the items received are item level 187. This puts players in an awkward position where they are unable to queue for anything other than Normal 5-man dungeons. Additionally, players are liable to kicked from groups almost immediately if seen wearing boost gear.

To use your boost, press the Boost Icon next to your character list. Select your character of choice, or use the “Create New Character” button to create a new one.

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Once your character has been boosted, log in to begin your brief quest chain introducing you to a few basic mechanics and taking you to Dalaran.

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I love MMOs of all shades, especially the nitty gritty numbers parts of them. You might recognize me from the Shadow Priest discord, otherwise I play a little bit of everything, especially games with support roles available.

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22 days ago

Will this still be avaible when Cataclysm releases?

8 days ago

Which class should be least difficult to boost as a fresh player? no gold/friends to help

Reply to  Passion
7 days ago

Thanks, will go for my main then

Last edited 7 days ago by Nimonx
26 days ago

That’s perfect. What was the author smoking to assume that anything above the item level 187 is fair enough?

Reply to  Yaroslav
23 days ago

Considering you can easily get around an average of 235~ in a couple minutes 187 seems fairly low

Reply to  Jamielolx
22 days ago

how do you get average of 235 gear in a couple of minutes? sorry im new to this

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