Cataclysm Classic Heroic and Epic Upgrades Revealed

Cataclysm Classic Heroic Packs Now Available
  • Author: Passion
  • Date: November 3, 2023
  • Updated: November 3, 2023
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

With the official announcement of Cataclysm Classic comes the now expected Heroic and Epic upgrades. These optional purchases offer what players haver come to expect.

Both packs include a Wrathion mini-pet for both Classic and Dragonflight, the Avatar of Flame flying mount for Classic and Runebound Firelord for Dragonflight, as well as a transmog set for Classic and Town-In-A-Box Starter Set toy.

The Blazing Epic pack also includes a level 80 Character Boost and 30 days of Game Time.

These packs are available for purchase immediately. With the Heroic Pack costing 29.99 USD/EUR, and the Epic Pack costing 79.99 USD/EUR.

You can find these in the official store here.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

Blazing Heroic Pack

The Blazing Heroic Pack includes Lil’ Wrathion pet for both WoW Classic progression2 and modern World of Warcraft characters3, the Avatar of Flame flying mount2 for WoW Classic progression characters, and a Runebound Firelord flying mount for modern World of Warcraft characters3. WoW Classic progression characters will also enjoy Hammer Regalia Transmog Set4 and Town-In-A-Box Starter Set toy 4.

Blazing Epic Upgrade

The Blazing Epic Upgrade includes everything in the Blazing Heroic Pack, plus a Level 80 Character Boost and 30 days of Game Time.

Upgrade Now

Follow the official World of Warcraft news site for more information as we draw closer to the next update for World of Warcraft Classic.


  • Certain restrictions apply. Visit for more information.
  • 1 Available on or before August 31, 2024.
  • 2 Available in WoW Classic progression realms (currently Wrath of the Lich King Classic™) immediately after the purchase.
  • 3 Available after the modern WoW® realms restart with the Guardians of the Dream (10.2) update anticipated on November 7, 2023.
  • 4 Available with the Cataclysm Classic pre-patch anticipated on or before August 31, 2024.
  • The toy, Transmog set, and Avatar of Flame mount only available on WoW Classic progression realms (currently Wrath of the Lich King Classic™). The Runebound Firelord mount only available on modern WoW® realms.
  • Requires WoW® Subscription or Game Time.
  • Boost only available on WoW Classic progression realms. and usable only on the WoW game account for which it was purchased or redeemed.

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