Fire Mage Pve Gems, Enchants, & Consumables (wotlk)


Major Glyphs

Glyph of Fireball or Glyph of Frostfire — depending on your spec

Glyph of Living Bomb

Glyph of Molten Armor

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Arcane Intellect

Glyph of Slow Fall

<Empty slot>


Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond

Red socket: Runed Cardinal Ruby

Yellow Socket:  Runed Cardinal Ruby >= Potent Ametrine > Reckless Ametrine > Veiled Ametrine
For yellow sockets, you have many options. Potent Ametrine can be a great option if you’re low on crit, while Veiled Ametrine can help get you hit capped.

Blue Socket: Runed Cardinal Ruby > Purified Dreadstone
For blue sockets, you’ll nearly always socket Runed Cardinal Ruby. However, you can use Purified Dreadstone on items with great socket bonuses.


Head: Arcanum of Burning Mysteries

Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Storm

Back: Greater Speed

Chest: Powerful Stats / Major Spirit

Wrist: Superior Spellpower

Hands: Exceptional Spellpower > Precision

Waist: Belt Buckle

Legs: Brilliant Spellthread

Feet: Icewalker > Greater Spirit / Tuskarr’s Vitality

1H Weapon: Mighty Spellpower / Black Magic (250 Haste proc for 10 sec; 45 sec iCD)

2H Weapon: Greater Spellpower

*1H weapon: Black Magic is better than raw Spell Power on paper, but I find that spell power is more effective because you can’t always make the best use of haste proc on all encounters, even if you move right. Use as you will though, results won’t disappoint! I personally would use Black Magic in T7/ T8.
*Hands: Avoid hit enchant on gloves, take it only if you can’t get any ideal hit pre-raid!
*Chest: Major Spirit rewards 0.01% more crit than 10 Stat enchant (unless you’re Gnome!), but with T9(2) set the spirit is slightly better. Difference is slight, use what’s more convenient for you.
*Feet: If you need hit, Icewalker is the best. If you don’t need hit, take either Spirit or Tuskarr.

If you have certain professions, use these enchants instead:

Shoulders: Master’s Inscription of the Storm

Back: Lightweave Embroidery (+295 SP on proc) [Tailoring] > Springy Arachnoweave (26 SP & Slow Fall effect) [Engineering]

Hands: Hyperspeed Accelerators (+340 haste for 12sec, 1min CD) [Engineering]
*Hyperspeed is better than the Engineering Rocket glove enchant.

Wrist: Fur Lining [Leatherworking]

Waist: Frag Belt [Engineering] for a stun granade. (Stacks with Belt Buckle!)

Feet: Nitro Boosts (24 Crit & 100% movement speed for 5sec use effect, 3 min CD) [Engineering]


Flask: Flask of the Frost Wyrm

Potion: Potion of Wild Magic > Potion of Speed

Food: Fish Feast or any other spell power food; crit food works as well.

Scroll: Scroll of Spirit VIII

Other: Flame Cap, farmed in Zangamarsh and Slave Pens

*Have Runic Mana Potion or Runic Mana Injector, if Engineering. They will be handy during long encounters, or if you die, as you come back with little mana.
*You can only use Spirit scrolls if there’s no Druid or Priest buff available (you’re giving yourself int).


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