Arcane Mage Pve Rotation, Cooldowns, And Abilities (wotlk)

Unlike how the Fire Mage has priorities, Arcane Mages have an actual rotation but lack the AoE potential.

Single Target Rotation

This is where this spec shines, melting single targets with a huge burst and there is no other caster that can outshine its burst opening. 

Basic Rotation

Stack Arcane Blast x4 and then depending on the outcome:

This depends on the talent tree you chose and your mana pool.

Mana Conserving Rotation

Stack Arcane Blast x3 and then:

Tip: you shouldn’t use Arcane Missiles unless you have 3 stacks of Arcane Blast or at least 2 stacks if you are very low on mana and the fight is still going.

High Burst Rotation

Presence of Mind →  Arcane Blast x3 → ( Mirror Image + Icy Veins + Arcane Power + Hyperspeed Accelerators ) → Arcane BlastArcane Missiles (Only if Missile Barrage procs)

Note: Mirror Image boosts your dps only with Khadgar’s Regalia set bonus

Area of Effect Rotation 

You basically have only one rotation for Arcane Mage when it comes to AoE 

Flamestrike (Rank 9) → Flamestrike (Rank 8) → Blizzard  


  1. If you are not at a close enough range, Presence of Mind will give you Arcane Potency on only a few of your Arcane Missiles projectiles and then be consumed when the first missile hits. 
  2. You lack DoT (Damage over Time) & GCD (Global Cooldown) spells in your kit so positioning is crucial for you more than other classes, so always try to minimize your movements and always think ahead to place yourself in a position with the least movement required.
  3. Evocation should be used only if it’s your last option – prioritize a Mana-Saving Cycle to Evocation. If you have to Evocate do it on the very end of a haste Cooldowns.
  4. If no healers needs Innervate, you are the next on the list to get it! Claim it.
  5. You need to be ALWAYS casting 100% of the encounter unless needed.
  6. Targets with lower health pools are yours to take care of and no other caster can out DPS you on such targets.


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1 month ago

Aweseome guide, halped me alot.
Damn haters, they are like parasites, everywhere.
Thanks again man!

10 months ago

What is this trash? Why is this guide being butchered? There is absolutely no reason to parse out the information onto multiple pages. Put it all back on one page like it was.

Last edited by Mitimem
Reply to  Mitimem
10 months ago

The guides are being significantly improved and are much longer, which is why they are being split into multiple sections.

Last edited by Furious
Shane Gaves
Shane Gaves
Reply to  Mitimem
1 month ago

You only got downvotes because if how you said it

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