WotLK Classic Hotfixes March 31st – Dodge Rating Bug Fix + ALGALON NERF!

Ulduar Algalon the Observer Raid Guide Featured Image

In today’s hotfix, Blizzard has pointed out that dodge rating has been bugged this entire time. They claim that characters were benefiting roughly twice the amount from dodge rating as intended.

To counteract this bug fix, they have decided to nerf Algalon damage by 10%.

Blizzard states that this will result in increased pressure on tanks and healers across the board.

Kaivax – (Source)

We recently discovered a bug causing tanks to benefit from roughly twice the intended amount of Dodge from the Dodge Rating statistic. In order to avoid seeing raid groups skew toward maximizing for this, we’re going to fix the bug. This fix will not change your Dodge % displayed on your character sheet, as the bug was invisible to players.

At the same time, on Tuesday during scheduled weekly maintenance, we’re going to deploy a second hotfix that will reduce Algalon’s melee damage by 10% in both 10-player and 25-player difficulties. We feel that the increase in pressure on tanks and healers from the bugfix will be manageable in other encounters, but this one needs a compensatory tweak.

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1 year ago

How bad is this for dk tanks?

Cheesus Christ
Cheesus Christ
Reply to  Damien
1 year ago

Have you considered playing warrior or pally?

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