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In a surprising move, Blizzard has announced that they will be adding a host of PvP items to the game, including Savage & Hateful relics, wands, thrown weapons, as well as Hunter off-hand weapons.

These items have always been in the game, but they were never obtainable by players. This caused a bit of a weird issue, wherein players new to PvP would have no options for those slots, and had to use random PvE items until they can get their hands on higher quality PvP items, obtainable with arena points only.

Furthermore, this change will be very beneficial to Retribution Paladins. Currently, their strongest libram (Deadly Gladiator’s Libram of Fortitude) is only attainable through arena, requiring a 1900 arena rating, which means some people won’t have any access to it. Given that the Emblem of Triumph libram (Libram of Reciprocation) is useless to them, this means your only real avenue for a good libram is blocked to you. This change finally gives them an option for a libram that doesn’t require arena rating.

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Wanted to chime in and call this out as something we have been discussing and agree with. After talking with some folks involved in original Wrath itemization in 2008, it was an acknowledged issue during Tier 7/Season 5 that there was a dearth of good relics available. As a result, we are working on plans to very soon add the Savage and Hateful Gladiator’s Relics, Wands, Thrown Weapons, and Hunter Offhand one-handed weapons to the Savage and Hateful gear vendors.

These items existed in the data in 2008, but were never available to players in-game. Adding the lower power versions of these items patches a notable gap in itemization this season/tier which we think works out quite nicely. Our thinking right now is that Savage and Hateful items in these slots will require a nominal amount of Arena Points as well as Honor. The Savage items will have no rating requirements, and the Hateful items will have a rating requirement of 1200. The Deadly Gladiator’s versions of these items will see no changes and will still require a rating of 1900.

We’ll update everyone on the final costs of these items very soon once we have the hotfix prepped.

Thanks for the feedback around this! :slight_smile:

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