pve retribution paladin rotation, cooldowns, & abilities (wotlk 3.3.5a)

Often called the “facerolling on the keyboard” class, the Retribution Paladin is a highly interactive class that does not spam just one filler ability. Its rotation is based mostly on procs of art of war and divine storm and keeping up crusader strike sigil stacks while also maintaining blood corruption on the target.

Before acquiring 2 parts of tier 10, you do not have access to the Divine Storm reset, but afterwards, Retribution Paladin feels much more smoother, the reason being without proper haste and the tier set bonus, sometimes you can feel stuck for several seconds with no button to press prior to this bonus. 

Retribution Paladins have a lot of defensive cooldowns but it also has one big offensive cooldown, ”Avenging Wrath”, usually called wings. This cooldown gives you 20% damage increase and 20% healing increase for 20 seconds, its a pretty strong buff that can be compared to arcane power.

Single Target Rotation

When we think about the Paladin class, we think about the seals, each seal has a very special function, and the one that you are going to want to use for single target boss fights  is named Seal of Vengeance. This seal applies a stacking debuff to the target, up to 5 stacks, each stack increasing the holy damage that your seal does by 10% per stack.

The way you want to start your rotation with is by opening up with Avenging Wrath, a speed/haste pot and engineering gloves, in case you opted in for min maxing.

You want to open up with Judgement followed up by Divine Storm  and Crusader Strike, depending on your libram, crusader strike stacks a buff on you giving you attack power up to 5 stacks or a 200 strength buff if you opt in for the other libram.

Divine storm will proc from every melee hit, including judgement, you will want to spam it as much as you can while maintaining the str/attack power buff on you from crusader strike, keep up Consecration  on the ground and depending on your target,  if its Undead you will want to use holy wrath on it as well. 

When you reach the execution phase, you will want to use Hammer of Wrath on cooldown, it easily brings in a crit for 8-10k damage each hit.

The rotation requires a spam of your abilities, since after each GCD (global cooldown), one of your abilities comes back up. For example: (You just used, judgement -> GCD -> divine storm-> GCD -> crusader strike-> GCD -> divine storm -> reset-. By the time you’ve used all of that, your Judgement will come back up, hence the term of facerolling the keyboard).

Area of Effect Rotation 

When we think about AOE, we’re thinking about Seal of command, this seal will make you attack everything around you, basically applying holy damage to every mob in your radius. Combining Seal of Command with consecration and crusader strike turns the Retribution Paladin into a very good cleave class, depending on the number of mobs you can be on par with a Balance Druid.


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