What are Runes in Season of Discovery (SoD)

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Among the many Season of Discovery changes comes one big one. Runes, or Rune Engravings are an additional form of character progression. They can be applied to gear like enchants, and provide unique character abilities independent of your talents.

Each Rune grants a specific ability or passive, and outside of combat can be freely swapped for the other options in the same slot. These abilities range from something like Warbringer, allowing Warriors to Charge in combat, to other things like Regeneration, a healing spell for Mages.

Unlocking Runes is a big part of Season of Discovery. Players will sometimes have to coordinate in groups consisting of multiple classes and roles, explore crevices they otherwise would never see, and kill long forgotten enemies that no one has thought about in almost 20 years. Runes are soulbound and cannot be traded, but you can help other players get their hands on ones you already own.

Rune Engravings Overview

Available Runes

Each phase has added new runes for new equipment slots:

  • Phase 1 added runes for the chest, gloves, and pants slots
  • Phase 2 added runes for the belts and boots slots
  • Phase 3 added runes for the bracer and helm slots

Additional rune slots have been datamined for cloaks and shoulders, so all of the standard slots outside of jewelry, trinkets, and weapons/offhands may eventually have runes.

Below you can find full lists of available Runes for each class.

Druid Runes

Hunter Runes

Mage Runes

Paladin Runes

Priest Runes

Rogue Runes

Shaman Runes

Warlock Runes

Warrior Runes


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