Where to Find the Steady Shot Rune in Season of Discovery (SoD)
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: February 7, 2024
  • Updated: February 9, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

This guide will cover how to get the Steady Shot rune for Hunters in Season of Discovery. We’ll go over all of the locations and requirements in the walkthrough below as well as any useful tips and tricks.

How to Get the Steady Shot Rune

The Steady Shot rune drops from Needletooth (level 35), a large fish in the pond near Witherbark Village in the southeast corner of Arathi Highlands (68, 66). Needletooth takes about 60 seconds to respawn.

how to find steady shot rune waist in arathi highlands
Location of Needletooth at (68, 66)


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