Where to Find the Soul Harvesting Spell in Season of Discovery (SoD)

Where to Find the Soul Harvesting Spell in Season of Discovery (SoD)
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: February 7, 2024
  • Updated: July 10, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

This guide will cover how to get the Soul Harvesting spell for Warlocks in Season of Discovery. We’ll go over all of the locations and requirements in the walkthrough below as well as any useful tips and tricks.

How to Get the Soul Harvesting Spell

As of Phase 4, the Grimoire of Soul Harvesting can be purchased from the following vendors for 2gold:

  • Wow Alliance Crest Milton Sheaf at the Royal Library in Stormwind Keep in Stormwind City (74.0, 7.6)
  • Zor Lonetree at Grommash Hold in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar (39.0, 38.0)

You can also obtain this skill book via the old method below.

Scarlet Monastery

To get the Soul Harvesting spell, you’ll need to kill bosses and rare elites in any of the Scarlet Monastery dungeons in Tirisfal Glades until you loot a Grimoire of Soul Harvesting, which will permanently teach you the spell. The book has a fairly low drop rate so you may need to farm quite a bit before you get it.


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