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  • Author: Dwarflord
  • Date: August 1, 2023
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

It has been weeks of waiting for Hardcore Classic and the Ranking System, both equally game-changing in their own rights. Now we finally get to know the dates for these two major releases.

The original ranking system that had pitted you against every other player of your faction is now a personal breakpoint of 500,000 honour for the maximum gain, which means players do not need to stop sleeping for months on end. Meanwhile, the official release of Hardcore is something that many players are awaiting, as this style of play has really caught fire.

The PVP changes are active August 23rd and Hardcore comes out on August 24th.

Blizzard Entertainment – (Source)

WoW Classic Updates Ahead


Prepare for a new era of PvP when the 1.14.4 content update goes live on 23 August.  With the arrival of this update, please be advised that your region’s weekly maintenance period during the week of August 15 will be the final time that Honor updates will be performed before the old system is retired. Any ranking progress you make after that date will not be retained after 1.14.4 is released on 23 August.


Face Azeroth’s dangers in WoW Classic’s Hardcore realms and see just how far you can go. You only have one life to live, and the Spirit Healers won’t be there to whisper sweet nothings and send you back out into the world of the living when you die. Death is permanent, and once you’ve been bested by the environment (or even other players), you’ll need to create a new character to try, try again.

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I have played mostly warrior since vanilla in World of Warcraft. A huge fan of classic, I always play dwarf and have earned the title of Dwarflord. I also am a huge fan of the Diablo series! Feel free to get in contact with me on Discord (malekk#4465) or on Youtube!

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