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  • Author: Nevermore
  • Date: December 7, 2023
  • Updated: December 15, 2023
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Warriors are generally regarded as late bloomers in WoW Classic, although, the Season of Discovery is here to partially mend that deficiency. While they initially had a huge issue with the early content at low-level brackets due to the lack of powerful cooldowns and consistent rage generation, the new Rune System allows them to become quite a heavy burst-oriented class.

The new Rune System introduced by the Season of Discovery changes our playstyle by including new and exciting effects and abilities such as Flagellation and Consumed By Rage while also bringing some old ones that were available during WotLK Classic such as Endless Rage.

Build Summary

Two-Handed Warrior Build

Two-Handed Warriors are back in action at the low-level brackets with many of the new runes empowering their overall performance. They can benefit from multiple different runes that can be hot-swapped, with Consumed By Rage being the only rune that will be mandatory. The Two-Handed Build gains multiple new effects through the Rune System, among which we can find: a powerful new rage spender, a direct-damage ability that costs no rage, and a powerful damage-enhancing buff.

Quick Strike is the first ability that is specifically designed for the Two-Handed Build, changing their old rotation of Heroic Strike spam. While the general concern was that Quick Strike has a lower scaling than Heroic Strike, the fact that you can weave it instantly after a Melee Swing makes it a lot stronger. Since Heroic Strike is not instant cast, it’s worse than Quick Strike, even if Quick Strike has a higher Rage cost.

They also gain access to two additional abilities through the new Rune System, Flagellation and Raging Blow. The former ability acts as a powerful damage-enhancing buff that we have access to every minute while the latter acts as a consistent rage generator that can be used whenever we are enraged. Both abilities synergize extremely well with the Consumed By Rage rune, however, the second one can only be consistently used while Consumed By Rage is active.

The rest of their rotation looks the same, with Rend always maintained on the target while Overpower is used whenever the target dodges. Cleave will be our main AoE tool while Execute will act as an additional rage spender once the target is injured enough.

The Two-Handed Warrior Build is currently stronger than the Dual-Wield Warrior Build thanks to Deadly Strike of the Hydra insane stats and Chance-on-Hit effect. While the Dual-Wield Build is by no means inferior in terms of gameplay itself, weapons often dictate the meta when it comes to WoW Classic.

Dual-Wield Warrior Build

The Dual-Wield Build is in a far better place than it could have ever been this early on thanks to the new Rune System. Just like with the Two-Handed Build, the Consumed By Rage is mandatory for us while the other runes can be hot-swapped. Besides the Consumed By Rage, the Raging Blow and Endless Rage are the runes that stand out the most for Dual-Wield Warrior. With those runes, a Warrior can benefit from a consistent rage generation, no longer being stuck in an endless rage-starved state while also generating a substantial damage output.

The standard rotation remains the same for this early low-level bracket where Berserker Stance is not available, with Rend, Heroic Strike, Cleave, and Execute having the same priorities. Additionally, you will also use Raging Blow whenever you are enraged, either by casting Bloodrage or through the Consumed By Rage proc.

The main aim of Dual-Wield Warriors is the same as Two-Handed Warriors, the consistent proccing of the Consumed By Rage effect. While Two-Handed Warriors can have a harder time with this, Dual-Wield Warriors benefit more from the Endless Rage rune, allowing them to have an easier time.




  • Gain a 25% bonus to Physical damage done for 12 sec after activating Bloodrage or Berserker Rage.

This is one of the stronger runes that Warriors will benefit from, granting us a powerful burst window. Flagellation is considered one of the main runes that both Two-Handed Warriors and Dual-Wield Warriors utilize. At this low-level bracket, we can only activate it with our Bloodrage, although that will be enough since it will be available every minute. Flagellation can be paired up with Consumed By Rage to further enhance your burst window if timed properly.

Although powerful on its own, many warriors prefer Raging Blow over Flagellation since it has no Rage Cost and can be perpetually used if Consumed By Rage is properly managed.

Raging Blow

  • A ferocious strike that deals 100% weapon damage, but can only be used while Enrage, Berserker Rage, or Bloodrage is active.

This rune grants us access to one powerful ability that may be consistently used if paired up with the Consumed By Rage rune! Raging Blow is a powerful direct damage ability that has no Rage cost. Although the ability is free, it can only be used while Enraged, having an 8-second cooldown. Raging Blow will also be useful at the beginning of each fight when paired up with Bloodrage to generate additional rage for the Consumed By Rage proc.

Many players choose to use this ability over Flagellation since it provides consistent damage rather than burst windows. Since Consumed By Rage can be mostly sustained as long as you properly manage your Rage, Raging Blow will always be available on cooldown.

Additionally, Raging Blow can also be used with Bloodrage at the beginning of an encounter to accelerate the pace at which Consumed By Rage is triggered.

Blood Frenzy

  • Each time you deal Bleed damage, you gain 3 Rage.

Blood Frenzy is unfortunately weaker than the other available runes for this slot since it provides far lesser value. It can still be a potent rune that can aid in faster Consumed By Rage procs since we have Deep Wounds and Rend. However, the consistent damage of Raging Blow or the percentage damage increase of Flagellation simply outperforms it.


Quick Strike

  • A reckless instant melee attack with your two-handed weapon dealing (<Attack Power> * 14 / 100) to (<Attack Power> * 14 / 100) physical damage. This ability benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Heroic Strike.

The primary role of this rune is to replace one of your core abilities for the Two-Handed Warrior Build. Quick Strike is overall stronger than Heroic Strike. The main benefit of Quick Strike is that it can be instantly weaved in right after an Auto-Attack, making it superior to Heroic Strike. This rune is overall stronger than Endless Rage for the Two-Handed Build, especially if you combine it with Consumed By Rage or Flagellation.

Endless Rage

  • You generate 25% more Rage from all damage you deal.

Endless Rage is simply insane for generating Rage, with the rune itself being strong enough to replace Single-Minded Fury entirely. This is thanks to the amazing synergy it has with Consumed By Rage, allowing you to quickly reach the necessary 80 Rage for its effect without having to experience too much downtime.

Single-Minded Fury

  • While dual-wielding, your Physical damage and movement speed are increased by 10%.

At first glance this rune is amazing for Dual-Wielding Warriors, however, it loses in damage output to the Endless Rage plus Consumed By Rage runes combination. The 10% damage buff that Single-Minded Fury offers would have been perfect with the Consumed By Rage rune, however, the additional rage generated by Endless Rage is simply better for the proper management of Consumed By Rage.


Consumed By Rage

  • Enrages you and grants you a 20% melee damage bonus for 12 sec or up to a maximum of 12 swings after you exceed 80 Rage.

Consumed By Rage is simply mandatory at this point, the rune itself synergizes perfectly well with multiple runes from your Chest and Gloves slots. This rune allows Warriors to have consistent burst windows as long as your Rage is properly managed. The only issue with Consumed By Rage is that its Enrage effect can’t be sustained indefinitely as you will need to drop below 80 Rage and exceed it once again to trigger the rune.

Frenzied Assault

  • While wielding 2-handed weapons, your attack speed is increased by 20%.

This rune is completely underwhelming when compared to Consumed By Rage. While the 20% attack speed increase granted by Frenzied Assault can sound great for Two-Handed Warriors, the 20% damage-enhancing buff to all of our damaging effects will simply outclass it.

Talent Builds

warrior standard build 1
Warrior DPS Build Talent Calculator

The Warrior Class is among one of the few classes that are struggling with their talent trees at this low-level bracket, with most of our impressive talents being locked on the fourth and fifth rows. As such, there are only a few talent viable talent build paths with the Arms Talent Tree being particularly useful for both leveling and high-end content. The Fury Talent Tree is way too underwhelming for us for this low-level bracket, with Cruelty, Unbridled Wrath, and Improved Cleave being the only noteworthy talents. We also already benefit from an Enrage effect thanks to the Consumed By Rage rune.

Improved Rend can be considered mandatory since we want it to reach Deep Wounds. The talent is quite strong, even if we don’t particularly enhance Rend with an additional Bleed-enhancing buff. Improved Heroic Strike will act as a filler to reach the second row, with two points being more than enough. You can choose to spend an additional point on the talent, however, it will only be efficient for the Dual-Wield Build as it won’t change much for the Two-Handed Build since Quick Strike has a decently low Rage cost.

Improved Charge is a talent that we will want to pick if we choose the Consumed By Rage as it will help us pool our Rage faster. It is also very useful for builds that don’t utilize the Consumed By Rage, as it grants you a bit of initial rage for your opener. Traditionally, you would spend 5 points on Tactical Mastery, however, as we will mostly stay in Battle Stance we will only want 3 points spent on the talent to reach Deep Wounds.

Out of all of our current available talents, Cruelty and Deep Wounds are especially powerful. The former talent is especially strong since Critical Strike Chance is a complete luxury this early in the Season of Discovery while the latter one brings a powerful Bleed effect that can be enhanced by Feral Druids. The standard build uses only a single point in Deep Wounds since our overall Critical Strike Chance won’t be high enough to consistently trigger the effect.

There are a few teaks that you can do with those two talents. You can sacrifice some points from Cruelty to reach 3 points in Deep Wounds if you know for sure that your raid composition will always have a Feral Druid who uses Mangle. However, this can result in fewer Critical Strikes, which in turn may trigger fewer Deep Wounds procs. Since RNG is also a huge part of our build, the perfect balance between those two talents might be somewhere between 2 points spent on Deep Wounds and 4 points in Cruelty.

Key Spells and Abilities

Heroic Strike

This ability is iconic for the Warrior Class, being used in a variety of builds. For our current state in SoD, this ability is only useful for the Dual-Wield Build and for Warriors that are still leveling. While Heroic Strike will be used as a Rage spender for the Dual-Wield Build, it will be objectively worse than Quick Strike for the Two-Handed Build since it’s not an instant cast.


Rend is one of the core abilities for both Warrior builds, especially since we don’t have access to Berserker Stance yet. Since we now have access to the Blood Frenzy rune, we can also use it as one of our main rage-generating effects. However, since we won’t use Blood Frenzy for the most optimal builds, the ability itself simply remains one of our core DoTs.

Sunder Armor

Sunder Armor is a mandatory ability for any dungeon or raid encounter as it can empower any Physical Damage dealt to the target. Since this effect applies to all of our party members, we will always want to use it as fast as possible. The only reason to not use this ability consistently is the presence of a Rogue that maintains Expose Armor.


Overpower is a great ability that sadly has a tricky pre-requisite. This ability deals a large amount of damage, however, it can only be used after one of your targets dodges your attacks. Fortunately for us, this will happen consistently throughout the low-level bracket, meaning that we will be able to use it quite often.


The main way of dealing AoE damage for both the Two-Handed Build and the Dual-Wield Build is Cleave. The main issue with this ability is that it can only damage up to two targets, making it vastly inferior compared to most other classes’ AoE tools.


Execute is an ability that can only be activated once a target reaches a certain threshold. This ability is added on top of our existing Rage spenders after the threshold is crossed, however, it comes with a big issue. It utilizes all of your remaining rage points to deal additional damage, meaning that you’ll rage-starve yourself if you spam it. This directly interferes with the Consumed By Rage rune, meaning that it’s not worth spamming unless you also have Endless Rage.


Charge is another iconic spell of the Warrior Class that is used as an opener tool. You will use this ability in almost all encounters as your opener, with the goal in mind of generating as much rage as possible to trigger Consumed By Rage.

Demoralizing Shout

I think every seasoned Warrior can remember their Raid Leader screaming for this debuff to be applied. Demoralizing Shout is a very potent tool for any Dungeon/Raid encounter, especially at this low-level bracket. It considerably reduces the melee Attack Power of every afflicted target, meaning that it’s an invaluable tool for any boss or mob pack that deals heavy Physical Damage.


Bloodrage is a great tool in the Season of Discovery since it synergizes with three different runes perfectly. Firstly, the rage generation effect it grants brings you closer to triggering the Consumed By Rage effect, making it a perfect pair with Charge as an opener. Secondly. it acts as our only “Enrage” effect, allowing us to use Raging Blow while its effect is active. Lastly, when paired up with the Flagellation rune, it turns into an extremely powerful offensive cooldown that empowers your overall damage by 25%.

Example Best-in-Slot

Below is an example of an all-round Best-in-Slot list that you can tweak to fit your individual needs.



  • Deadly Strike of the Hydra
    • This item is the very reason why Two-Handed Warriors dominate Dual-Wield Warriors in this low-level bracket. The armor reduction proc is very powerful, especially since you can also empower all the other Physical Damage Dealers in your group with it.
  • Fathomblade
    • This item is the next-best alternative to the Deadly Strike of the Hydra, providing you with a consistent damage proc. This item is better for AoE encounters rather than Single-Target encounters.
  • Honed Darkwater Talwar
    • This item is the best Main-Hand for the Dual-Wield Build, granting you a powerful proc effect. Although its proc chance is not consistent, the high Weapon Damage provides the best damage output.
  • Chipped Bite of Serra’kis
    • Warriors with daggers? Really? The reality is that this is the best Off-Hand you can use as a Dual-Wield Warrior in this low-level bracket thanks to its powerful proc.
  • Naga Heartrender
    • The best Ranged Weapon you can acquire is the Naga Heartrender thanks to its high Strength baseline stat.


  • High Tide Choker
    • This is the best item for generating the best DPS output due to the Critical Strike Chance we can get from the Agility it grants. You may also use the Glowing Fetish Amulet as a replacement.
  • Thunderbrow Ring
    • This ring is amazing for us, bringing us the best possible damage output from this slot. The only issue with it is that it’s heavily contested, meaning that you may want to use either Silverlaine’s Family Seal or Seal of Wrynn until you acquire it.
  • Band of Deep Places
    • This ring is a great source of both Stamina and Strength. If you don’t need the extra survivability from this item, you may use the Band of the Iron Fist for an increased damage output.
  • Avenger’s Void Pearl
    • This is the best trinket that we can acquire at this low-level bracket, granting us a significant amount of Attack Power.
  • Rune of Duty
    • Besides the Avenger’s Void Pearl, our trinket choices are very limited, meaning that we have to use this PvP trinket as the best possible option.

Noteworthy Items

Yorgen Bracers

Yorgen Bracers are a great option that provides a decently high assortment of stats. This item is a BoE that may drop from multiple locations, making it quite accessible.

Thunderbrow Ring

Just like the Yorgen Bracers, the Thunderbrow Ring is another great BoE item that Warrior can acquire. It grants a great amount of Strength while also offering a moderate amount of Agility. Beware, however, that this item will be heavily contested, possibly making it very expensive at the start of Season of Discovery.

High Tide Chocker

The High Tide Chocker is a great option for us as it grants a high amount of Strength while also adding Agility. We will want to prioritize this necklace over any other necklace with Stamina/Strength since we gain an increased Critical Strike Chance from it.

Shining Silver Breastplate

The Shining Silver Breastplate is a great item that provides large amounts of Strength and Stamina! The best part about this item is that it’s a craftable item that all Blacksmiths can acquire since its recipe is taught by a Blacksmith Trainer. This means that everyone should be able to acquire this item.

Silverlaine’s Family Seal

The Silverlaine’s Family Seal is possibly one of the best rings that you can acquire in the first phase of the Season of Discovery. It grants 8 Strength and 3 Stamina, making it one of the top-notch items. This item will be acquired from Shadowfang Keep, making it easily farmable.

Deadly Strike of the Hydra

This weapon is crazy, its stats and Chance-on-Hit effect are so strong that it currently dictates the meta. The armor reduction granted by the armor stacks on top of other existing effects such as Sunder Armor, making it our BiS for the Two-Handed Build.

Race Choice

Warrior is the only class available for each race in WoW Classic, making some of the race/class combinations an aesthetic choice while the others are strictly picked for their performance-enhancing effects in either PvE or PvP. Alliance has a single race that performs very well in PvE for the Warrior DPS Build while Horde has two different races with powerful PvE racial effects.


Humans are the best choice for the Alliance Warriors, having two very powerful PvE racial effects. Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization are the best racial effects that a Warrior can have, offering a large amount of versatility in item choices. The Human Spirit is useless for us during any combat, with the effect only slightly decreasing our downtime in between pulls. Other than those effects, the rest of them are quite useless in PvE, with Perception being a PvP/Leveling effect that has close to no practical use in any raid content, while Diplomacy is only useful for acquiring the reputation rewards from Warsong Gulch and Ashenvale slightly faster than other races.


Dwarves are better suited for the tanking role, having defense-oriented racial effects. Stoneform is the first racial ability that may have a situational use for the Warrior DPS Build. While the ability is not practical for us during any raid since we don’t wish to tank any damage, it can be a useful way to briefly increase your survivability and remove Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. Frost Resistance is the second racial effect that can be very useful, especially in the first phase of the Season of Discovery, as Blackfathom Depths will certainly feature bosses and mobs that deal Frost Damage. The rest of Dwarf’s racial effects are not properly suited for us in PvE, with Find Treasure being a gimmick ability for the open world while Gun Specialization is only useful while leveling.

Night Elf

Night Elves are a purely aesthetic choice for the Warrior DPS Build, with only two racial effects that may prove useful for the tanking role. There are only two effects that may prove themselves somewhat useful: Nature Resistance which may yield increased survivability based on the encounter and Quickness which can potentially help us if we steal aggro. Shadowmeld will be entirely useless for us since we can’t even use it in combat while the Wisp Spirit is only useful if you wipe.


Gnomes are an aesthetic choice for the Warrior DPS Build that is better suited for PvP content rather than PvE content. The only redeeming racial ability that Gnomes have is the Escape Artist which can prove to be a lifesaver in dangerous situations. However, this racial ability is far better suited for PvP as crowd control is far less encountered in PvE content. Arcane Resistance grants them increased survivability depending on the encounter itself. Engineering Specialization is not as strong as we would have liked since professions are capped at 150. Lastly, the Expansive Mind racial effect is utterly useless for us as warriors since we don’t benefit from Intellect at all.


Orcs are one of the two Horde races that have an overall great PvE performance. Blood Fury is the sole reason why Orcs are known as great damage dealers, providing them with an amazing damage boost. The Axe Specialization is the only other racial effect that will be useful for Orcs, however, since the BiS is a sword this racial effect won’t be useful after acquiring it. The other two racial effects are situational at best with Hardiness being a racial effect optimized entirely for PvP while Command is entirely useless since we are not Warlocks or Hunters.


Undead are better suited for PvP encounters with most of their racial effects being situational at best in PvE. The Will of the Forsaken acts as a PvP trinket effect that can remove any Charm, Fear, and Sleep effects. This racial effect can be valuable in PvE encounters as some dungeons feature Fear effects. Secondly, Shadow Resistance provides situational increased survivability depending on the encounter itself. Since a lot of mobs will deal Shadow Damage, this passive effect can be very useful. Cannibalize is mostly situational, being used only as a way to reduce your overall downtime between pulls.  Lastly, Undead has the Underwater Breathing racial effect, however, it’s only useful during the Baron Aquanis encounter when you fall off the platforms.


Taurens are a better option for the tanking role in PvE rather than the DPS role. Endurance increases your overall survivability by boosting your Health Pool by 5%. This buff will be situational at best for us as it may save us from heavy AoE encounters or if we steal aggro from a hard-hitting boss. War Stomp is useful for briefly stunning mob packs, especially while leveling. Its usefulness drops in raid encounters as it can’t be used against bosses. Lastly, Nature Resistance may yield increased survivability based on the encounter while Cultivation boosts Herbalism by 15, making it easier to level Herbalism if you choose that profession.


Trolls are the second best option for PvE that Horde can offer, having access to 3 powerful PvE racial abilities. The best racial effect that trolls can utilize is Berserking. This offensive cooldown increases your attack speed by 10%, increasing to a 30% increase in attack speed while being injured. Many Trolls that desire to maximize their DPS output purposefully place themselves in harm’s way to empower this effect as much as possible. Additionally, Trolls benefit from Beast Slaying, further increasing all their damage against beasts by up to 5%. They also benefit from Regeneration, allowing them to continue 10% of their entire Health Regeneration during combat. Lastly, they also have access to the Bow Specialization and the Throwing Specialization racial effects, although those two passives are better used for leveling.


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