Baron Geddon WoW Classic Season of Mastery Guide

baron geddon wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 13, 2021
  • Updated: November 14, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Baron Geddon, a large fire elemental, is the fifth boss encounter in Molten Core.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Baron Geddon has extensive changes and may be considered the most difficult boss so far. Living Bomb is now cast on three raid members at the same time. Additionally, after Living Bomb detonates AND after Inferno finishes casting, a flaming patch of Living Fallout will be left on the ground that deals fire damage per second. The area is much larger after Inferno which will require movement of Baron after each cast.


Baron Geddon

Ignite Mana (Fire)

A debuff that burns 400 mana every 3 seconds. Every point of mana burned deals damage.

Living Bomb (Fire)

After 8 seconds explodes for 3200 damage in an 18 yard radius and leaves a small Living Fallout puddle that ticks for 450-550 damage per second.

Inferno (Fire)

An AOE ability that deals increasing fire damage over 8 seconds.

Armageddon (Fire)

Activated when Baron Geddon reaches less than 5% remaining health, Baron Geddon will deal 100000 fire damage to all players within 20 yards.


Pull Baron Geddon back to Garr’s cavern and begin tanking him near the entrance to the tunnel. Have your raid spread out in a semi circle around Baron Geddon with healers capable of dispelling spread evenly. Ensure that Ignite Mana is removed from healers immediately, followed by other mana users. Melee without mana pools do not require dispelling. As Living Bombs are deployed have raid members run back to the Cavern walls to take less fall damage when the bomb detonates. Ensure repeated Living Bombs are not stacked as the Living Fallout and fall damage can kill a player easily. As Baron Geddon uses Inferno have melee run out and the Main Tank should pull him back outside of scorched earth range.

Role Summaries

Main Tank

Spatial awareness is very important when tanking Baron Geddon in Season of Mastery. Similiar to Grobbulus, it’s important to keep moving Baron out of Living Fallout puddles and ensuring you don’t accidentally move into Living Fallout or exploding players.

Priests / Paladins

Critical to the success of this fight is having Ignite Mana dispelled off of all healers and mana users. Slow dispels of this ability will cripple your raid and lead to a wipe.

Ranged DPS

As a ranged DPS your primary concern at all times is make sure to run out of the raid when debuffed by Living Bomb and placing it safely to not hit other players, as well as placing it in a location where a bomb has not gone off due to scorched earth.

Melee DPS

Similar to ranged DPS, Living Bomb placement is critical and due to melee being stacked getting out of the melee group to a safe Living Bomb placement location is critical. Also, melee will also have to be aware of Inferno timings and running out of the avoidable AOE fire damage. Often Living Bomb and Inferno timings will overlap so ensure that when running away you don’t inadvertently run into an exploding Living Bomb.


Greater Fire Protection Potion

All raid members should have a pre-popped Greater Fire Protection Potion for mitigating fire damage from both Ignite Mana and Living Bomb detonates.


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