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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: March 3, 2024
  • Updated: March 3, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Infamous for being high effort low reward, Feral DPS in Phase 2 of Season of Discovery gets to shed that reputation, even if only temporarily. Instead of farming Manual Crowd Pummeler and powershifting for an entire fight, we get to be mobile, high-damage Windfury Totems!

Build Summary

Cat DPS utilizes a fairly simple priority system in Season of Discovery.

You can powershift in Season of Discovery, but you are massively limited by your mana, and casting Cat Form over and over is not sustainable on long fights.



Wild Strikes

While you are in Cat Form, Bear Form, or Dire Bear Form, party members within 20 yards gain increased combat ferocity. Each melee hit has a 20% chance of granting the attacker an extra attack with 20% additional Attack Power. No effect if the party member is already benefitting from Windfury Totem.

Even with no other changes to Feral DPS, this Rune would be enough to make them worth bringing to every raid. This turns Feral Druids into a mobile Windfury Totem. To make things even better, this even allows us to Windfury! This also means that Windfury is no longer exclusive to the Horde.

The main downside of this is that it is a 20-yard range and only effects party members, but any melee group won’t care about that.



Mangle the target for 30% normal damage and cause the target to take 30% additional damage from Bleed effects and Shred for 1 min. Awards 1 combo point. This ability benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Claw and Maul.

This replaces the low-damage Claw with the more powerful Mangle. This costs the same amount of Energy, effectively fulfilling the same role entirely. In addition, Mangle also debuffs the target for 1 minute, causing them to take 30% additional damage from Bleed effects (like Rip), and Shred.


Burns the enemy for 55 to 65 Nature damage and then an additional 110 Nature damage over 12 sec. Awards 1 combo point.

While this is generally not the best option for our Glove Rune, if another Druid is bringing Mangle, you can leech off of their debuff and bring Sunfire for an extra DoT.


Savage Roar

Finishing move that increases physical damage done by 30% while in Cat Form. Lasts longer per combo point:
1 point : 14 seconds
2 points : 19 seconds
3 points : 24 seconds
4 points : 29 seconds
5 points : 34 seconds

Replacing Rip as our highest priority finisher, Savage Roar is an effect you want to keep up at all times. This provides us a very significant 30% Physical Damage boost, and we can easily maintain this for an entire fight. Only use Rip if you are sure you will be able to keep Savage Roar up.

With our limited energy pool and regeneration, we may find ourselves in situations where it is better to simply waste Combo Points instead of using another finisher and letting Savage Roar fall off for even a second.

Skull Bash

Charge to a target within 13 yards and bash the target’s skull, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast 2 sec.

This is a very niche option, but if your team does need an interrupt for a fight, you can always swap to this just for that encounter, and swap back after.

This also works as a small distance gap closer, which is nice but with the limited 13-yard range, that better be a small gap.


Launch surging stellar energies that cause Arcane damage. Starsurge benefits from and triggers most talents and effects that trigger or benefit from Wrath or Starfire.

Starsurge is not something you would expect to consider as a Feral Druid. It cannot be used outside of caster form, and it scales entirely on caster-related stats. That is what you would have thought until the ability was massively buffed. Starsurge now barely costs any mana while doing massive amounts of damage instantly. This leads to an odd niche where during some fights with high Armor you can bring Starsurge and incorporate it into your power-shifting rotation. Simply use Starsurge to leave Cat Form, and then return to Cat Form and cast Sunfire.



When activated, this ability causes your Mangle (Bear) and Lacerate abilities to hit up to 3 targets and Mangle (Bear) to have no cooldown, and reduces the energy cost of all your Cat Form abilities by 50%. Lasts 15 sec.

Requires Bear Form, Cat Form, or Dire Bear Form to activate.

Clears the effect of Fear and makes you immune to Fear for the duration.

Berserk is our biggest DPS cooldown, halving the energy cost of all of our abilities by 50% for its duration. A well timed Berserk allows you to spam Shred an absurd number of times in a small window, especially if combined with power shifting.

The ideal time to cast Berserk is after the Mangle & Rake debuffs are active on the target and Savage Roar was recently refreshed on yourself. This allows you to spam Shred during the entire Berserk window.


King of the Jungle

Tiger’s Fury now increases all physical damage you deal by 15% instead of by a flat value, and instantly grants you 60 Energy. It is no longer on the global cooldown, but it now has its own 30 sec cooldown.

King of the Jungle provides a massive boost to our Tiger’s Fury ability, changing it from something that was barely used in Classic WoW, to an essential part of our rotation. It boosts our damage dealt by a large amount for a short period and instantly grants us 60 energy. This makes the rotation feel much faster and devoid of downtime, especially when used in conjunction with powershifting. To top it off, it also takes Tiger’s Fury off the GCD, making it effectively free to use. It does now have a 30 second cooldown, but that is a small price to pay for such an overpowered ability!

Talent Build

Powershift Build

feral druid p2 talents
Talent Calculator

The above talent tree is ideal for doing maximum DPS as a Feral Druid. Here we opt for 5 points in Furor allowing us to powershift. Powershifting is the act of utilizing the Furor talent by shifting in and out of Cat Form to instantly gain 40 energy, preventing you from being energy starved. This is essential to doing optimal DPS on a feral druid, for without powershifting, you may find yourself unable to attack for large periods of time while your energy regenerates.

In addition to providing a lot of DPS, we also gain all the utility provided from the feral tree. For example, Feline Swiftness gives us 30% movement speed while outdoors in Cat Form. This of course gives us nothing in raids or most dungeons, but will make your life a lot easier while traversing the general world, especially before you obtain your mount at level 40.

Sharpened Claws is provides us with a large DPS boost, giving us 6% increased Critical Chance in Cat Form. Our 2 points in Blood Frenzy is also notable, giving us a little bit more Combo Point generation. This could be enough to take you over the edge and allow you to regularly use Rip in addition to Savage Roar. Finally, we take Predatory Strikes, which gives us a nice boost to our attack power.

Support Build

feral talents 2
Talent Calculator

Going into a full feral tree is not typically recommended, since you’ll be forced to give up the massively overpowered Furor talent in the restoration tree. This makes powershifting impossible, which will cause huge gaps in your DPS rotation as your wait for your energy to regenerate. It does, however, come with the upside of being able to increase the DPS of your party via Leader of the Pack, granting them each 3% increased critical strike chance. This is generally considered to not be worth it, as the DPS loss you’ll suffer from being unable to powershift outweighs the DPS you’ll provide your party.

Key Spells and Abilities

Cat Form

Be prepared to never see your gear again, as you will spend 90% of your time in Cat Form. This gives us a nice boost to Attack Power, as well as making us effectively immune to Polymorph-style spells.

Cat Form also turns your Mana Bar into an Energy Bar, as well as unlocking a new set of abilities to use. These spells are the basis of our gameplay, and this is where we deal all of our damage.

The main downsides of Cat Form are the incredibly high mana cost to shift, as well as us having zero energy once we shift.


The default attack for Cats, either this or Mangle will be your basic filler spell, spammed for Combo Points whenever you have the energy.


Our default finisher, Rip places a high damage Bleed on the target for 12 seconds. The damage is based on the amount of Combo Points spent, and we always want to have 5 Combo Points before using this.

Tiger’s Fury

When used in conjunction with the King of the Jungle rune, Tiger’s Fury goes from a niche, barely used spell, to a very overpowered DPS cooldown. It increases the physical damage we deal for a short duration and gives us 60 energy, instantly. When used with the rune it incurs a 30 second cooldown, whereas by default it has none, but it’s still very worth it.

Without the King of the Jungle rune Tiger’s Fury is rarely used. The one situation you’d want to use Tiger’s Fury in PvE is when you are able to pre-pop it before the pull of a boss. You would never use it in combat.

Faerie Fire (Feral)

This is an essential ability that we’ll want to maintain on our target at all times. It decreases the armor of the target which is especially useful in Gnomeregan against mechanical units who have a very high base armor value.

It also has a PvP purpose as it prevents the enemy target from entering stealth while it is on them. Use this on a rogue to prevent them from casting Vanish!


This was the primary damage dealer and filler for Feral Druids in Classic, with the addition of Mangle we are unlikely to use this as often as we previously would. Shred does heavy damage but costs over half our max energy to use, meaning we spend a lot of time simply waiting for energy.

We will almost exclusively be using Shred combined with Clearcasting from Omen of Clarity. This avoids the steep energy cost.

Example Best-in-Slot

BiS lists can vary drastically from fight to fight. There is rarely a one-size fits all solution for any given dungeon or raid, so you will need to find what suits your needs best.

Below is an example of an all-round Best-in-Slot list that you can tweak to fit your individual needs.




Noteworthy Items

Bloodbark Crusher

In long boss encounters, it is a DPS increase to swap to Bloodbark Crusher 30 seconds after you’ve activated the on-use effect of Automatic Crowd Pummeler. You will lose an auto attack by doing this, but if the fight is long enough it will be a moderate DPS gain to do this.

Heavy Dynamite

Dynamite is an iconic tool for Classic WoW, and Season of Discovery is no different. Make sure you stock up, at this level the damage is higher than any of your spells.

Unfortunately, we do have to shift out of form to use these, but they are also our best AoE damage, making it worth it.

Race Choice

Druids don’t have the luxury of choosing a race, we simply choose our faction and get what we’re given.

Night Elf

The four racials here are all negligible, but they’re nice to have. Nature Resistance is likely to be useful in at least some situations, even if that ends up being against another player. Quickness is likely the least useful of the bunch. 1% Dodge chance is great, but you shouldn’t be getting hit anyway. Shadowmeld is a neat little out-of-combat stealth, but unless you plan on ambushing players on the roads, you will struggle to find a time to use it. Finally, Wisp Spirit is (unfortunately) the most useful. We move 50% faster while dead, making corpse runs that much faster.


These four racials are the stronger of the two races. Nature Resistance is identical to Night Elves, likely useful in a few niche scenarios. Endurance gives 5% more total Health, which while not a massive boost, still sees some value. Cultivation gives a flat 15-skill boost to Herbalism, allowing us to pick later flowers earlier. Of course, that is only useful if you decide to go with Herbalism. Finally, War Stomp is a Melee range AoE stun. This is still fairly niche, but can see regular use for larger trash packs, or while soloing.


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I love MMOs of all shades, especially the nitty gritty numbers parts of them. You might recognize me from the Shadow Priest discord, otherwise I play a little bit of everything, especially games with support roles available.
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2 months ago

Is there a massive dps difference at this level choosing full feral over clearcasting? Thank you for the guide!

2 months ago

Good stuff; very easy to understand explanations behind the choices. Thanks for taking the time to post this.
Pretty much in line with what I had figured but it’s always good to get confirmation. :3

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