Majordomo Executus WoW Classic Season of Mastery Guide

majordomo executus wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Updated: November 17, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Majordomo Executus, the largest and eldest flamewaker, is the ninth boss encounter in Molten Core and is accompanied by four Flamewaker Healers and four Flamewaker Elites. To defeat this encounter you must vanquish all the Flamewakers – and not Majordomo.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Majordomo Executus may be the least changed boss in all of Molten Core. Now, when two Flamewakers are killed the other six will become immune to crowd control. As well, Flamewaker Elites will now occasionally cast an AOE Fireball Volley that deals damage to all targets in range.


Majordomo Executus


Teleports a random member of the raid into burning coals.

Damage Shield

Causes 100 damage to any player that strikes a Flamewaker with this ability.

Magic Reflection

Flamewakers gain a 50% chance to reflect harmful spells for 10 seconds.

Flamewaker Elite

Blast Wave (Fire)

Inflicts 694-806 AOE fire damage to all targets within 10 yards and reduces movement speed by 50% for 8 sec.

Fireball Volley (Fire)

Inflicts 2125 AOE fire damage split among all targets within 45 yards.

Flamewaker Healer

Dark Mending (Heal)

Heals a friendly Flamewaker for 26000 health.

Shadow Shock (Shadow)

Deals 740 Shadow Damage to all targets within 20 yards.


A complex fight, Majordomo Executus is dependent on each member of your raid being able to follow specific assignments and requires at least five capable tanks. Assign a tank to “herd” Majordomo Executus by taunting him and keeping him distracted away from the raid. Assign mages to Polymorph each Flamewaker Healer. Have additional tanks (with healers) assigned for each Flamewaker Elite. It’s possible to have a hunter kite a Flamewaker Elite down the ramp towards Golemagg to reduce the tank/healing requirement in this phase.

To begin, separate the Flamewaker Elites (to prevent overlapping damage from Blast Wave) and have DPS kill one of the Flamewaker Elites first. Next have the tank freed up from this Flamewaker Elite choose a polymorph as the next target and kill that Flamewaker Healer. Repeat this process until all of the Flamewaker Healers are dead. Once the first two Flamewakers die, all healers will become immune to Polymorph and will need to be picked up by additional tanks. Have melee DPS assigned to interrupt each Flamewaker Healer to prevent heals. Have DPS be mindful of the reflecting shields before finishing with the final three Flamewaker Elites.

Role Summaries

Majordomo Tank

Keeping Majordomo occupied is the number one priority. Be ready to charge/intercept back to Majordomo when he teleports you to the coals. Use taunt to get aggro back after the teleport threat reset. Additionally, keep Majordomo away from the raid as he can and will cast Blast Wave enough to be an issue.

Flamewaker Tanks

Keep the Flamewakers positioned away from each other to prevent AOE Blast Wave damage from nuking melee. Be ready to interrupt heals when tanking Flamewaker Healers. When your Flamewaker dies be ready to pick up additional Flamewakers or hunter-kited Elites.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS should be careful when all adds gain the melee reflect buff Damage Shield. Be ready to interrupt heals when on the Flamewaker Healers.

Caster DPS

Be wary of when Magic Reflection debuff is up on the Flamewakers. Polymorph can be reflected as well! Getting too close to the Flamewakers is not recommended due to the heavy AOE damage they deal.


Greater Fire Protection Potion

All players should have a pre-popped Greater Fire Protection Potion for mitigating fire damage from Blast Wave .

Greater Shadow Protection Potion

All players should have a pre-popped Greater Shadow Protection Potion for mitigating shadow damage from Shadow Shock.


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