Gehennas Season of Mastery WoW Classic Guide

gehennas wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 13, 2021
  • Updated: November 14, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Gehennas, the second flamewaker Lieutenant, is the third boss encounter in Molten Core.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Gehennas has two major changes. First, he is now joined by four Flamewakers (up from two). Second, the Rain of Fire ability is cast more frequently and lasts longer than before. This can become problematic the longer the fight goes as it covers major portions of the room.



Rain of Fire (Fire)

An AOE fire ability that deals significant fire damage.

Gehennas’ Curse (Curse)

An AOE curse ability that reduces all healing by 75% for 5 minutes.

Shadow Bolt (Shadow)

A single target ability that deals shadow damage to a random raid member.

Fist of Ragnaros (Stun)

An AOE ability that stuns for 4 seconds in an 8 yard radius. (Melee range).


Fist of Ragnaros (Stun)

An AOE ability that stuns for 4 seconds in an 8 yard radius. (Melee range).


Due to the increased frequency and duration of Rain of Fire, ensure a significant portion of the trash around Gehennas has been cleared so melee and ranged can move freely out of range of Rain of Fire. Flamewakers should be pulled away from the ranged group and focused down one by one. Tanks and melee dps should use Free Action Potion while on Flamewakers to nullify the Fist of Ragnaros stun effect and prevent being stunned inside a Rain of Fire. As raid DPS improves over time these can be stacked if able to be killed within the 30 second Free Action Potion timer. Decursing is critical in this fight as well due to the potent 75% reduction in healing curse. After the Flamewakers have been dealt with Gehennas should go down in short order as long as the tank is able to be decursed and enough players can stay out fire.

Role Summaries


Tanks assigned to this fight will need to ensure they are moving out of Rain of Fire and have a Free Action Potion used. Because Gehennas and the adds both use the Fist of Ragnaros ability, it’s important they aren’t pulled on top of healers or Rain of Fire.


Decursing tanks and raid members who have taken damage is the number one priority on this fight.


Special consideration needs to be applied to stunned players. Tanks can take spike damage while stunned due to reduced mitigation (no dodge, parry, or block while stunned), and the rest of the raid can be stunned inside of Rain of Fire.


Free Action Potion

All melee should use a Free Action Potion when engaging any of the enemies on this fight.

Greater Fire Protection Potion

A pre-popped Greater Fire Protection Potion for mitigating the Rain of Fire damage is the recommended potion here, and potentially using another once the first has been used up.


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