Golemagg WoW Classic Season of Mastery Guide

golemagg wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Updated: November 17, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Golemagg, a large molten giant, is the eighth boss encounter in Molten Core.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Golemagg has a couple changes. The first change is that his summoned Core Rager dogs are now enraged throughout the entire fight. Secondly, the stacking debuff melee receive when attacking deals more fire damage and debuffs more often.



Earthquake (Physical)

Stuns and deals 1388 to 1612 damage in an 18 yard radius.

Pyroblast (Fire)

Deals 1388 to 1612 Fire damage and an additional 200 damage every 3 sec to 12 sec.

Magma Splash (Fire)

A stacking debuff that on melee hit has a chance to cause a debuff that deals 50 Fire damage every 3 sec. Armor Reduced by 250. Stacking, lasts for 30 seconds.


Tank Golemagg where he stands and have your off tanks pull the Core Ragers to be tanked to the side out of Earthquake range. Assign additional healers to each Core Rager tank to ensure they stay up. Make sure to have an additional off tank ready to pick up Golemagg once the main tank reaches 5-6 stacks of the Magma Splash debuff.

Role Summaries

Main Tank/Off Tank

Don’t let your stacks of Magma Splash get too high, communicate to have the off tank pickup when reaching 5-6 stacks. Make sure to stop attacking for 30 seconds to let the debuff fall off.


Be ready for additional AOE healing during earthquake and to provide extra healing to single target pyroblasts. Beacuse Magma Splash is a dot ensure the tank not tanking stays healed while the debuff ticks off.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS should be prepared to drop stacks of Magma Splash if the debuff gets too high and the group isn’t close to a kill. Look to drop around 6 stacks which requires not attacking for 30 seconds.


Greater Fire Protection Potion

Melee should have a pre-popped Greater Fire Protection Potion for mitigating fire damage from Magma Splash.


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