Magmadar WoW Classic Season of Mastery Strategy Guide

magmadar wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 9, 2021
  • Updated: November 14, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Magmadar, the largest of all core hounds, is the second boss encounter in Molten Core and awaits raiders at the far end of the Magmadar Cavern. Once defeated, all Ancient Core Hound and Core Hounds will not respawn inside Molten Core.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Magmadar has two major changes. First, he will now summon two Core Hounds approximately every thirty seconds. These are the same as the packs directly before Magmadar and will be respawned by Magmadar if killed. Second, the Lava Bomb ability is cast much more frequently than before and will potentially engulf major portions of the room. These changes, combined with Frenzy and Panic will be a considerable challenge for raids to hold back the chaos.



Frenzy (Enrage)

Attack speed increased by 150%, and size increased by 20% until removed by tranquilizing shot. Magmadar will also cast a Lava Breath signifying the start of his enrage.

Lava Bomb (Fire)

Throws a Lava Bomb at an enemy inflicting 3200 damage over 8 sec. Leaves a patch of fire on the ground that will deal the same amount of damage if ran over.

Panic (Fear)

An AOE fear ability that can be outranged.

Magma Spit (Fire)

Leaves a patch of fire on the ground in melee range that leaves a stacking DOT of 75 damage every 3 sec for 30 seconds. Can stack up to three times.

Core Hounds

Serrated Bite (Physical)

A single target DOT that will deal 1500 damage over 30 sec. Can be applied multiple times.


Magmadar should be tanked sideways at the back of his cavern with ranged dps spread out at max range and melee spread out in melee range. Frenzy must be removed immediately by tranquilizing shot. As the fight progresses and Core Hounds are spawned, off tanks must pick these up immediately and tank them away from Magmadar until they can be AOE’d down post kill. All raid members must be aware of running or being feared into the many fire patches that will be spawned throughout the fight.

Role Summaries

Main Tank

Apart from mitigating damage the main tank must properly manage the Panic ability. Alliance will need to rotate Fear Wards while horde will need to ensure tremor totem is dropped at all times. Warriors can also stance dance and use Berserker Rage to negate this ability.

Off Tanks

Off tanks should be ready to pick up the core hounds that spawn every thirty seconds. These should be tanked outside of fear range and off tanked until Magmadar is defeated.


A tranquilizing shot rotation should be established to ensure the prompt removal of Frenzy and to prevent multiple shots overlapping and being wasted.


With the addition of adds this fight becomes even more strenuous on healers depending on the raid’s ability to mitigate taking Lava Bomb and Magma Spit damage. Healers must be especially aware to remain out of Panic range as a poorly timed fear on a healer can cascade into a tank death.


Greater Fire Protection Potion

All raid members should have a pre-popped Greater Fire Protection Potion for mitigating unavoidable fire damage, and potentially using another once the first has been removed.


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