Ragnaros WoW Classic Season of Mastery Guide

ragnaros wow classic season of mastery strategy guide
  • Author: Ayle
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Updated: November 17, 2021
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Ragnaros, the Firelord, is the tenth and final boss in Molten Core.

Season of Mastery

In Season of Mastery, Ragnaros the Firelord will now always submerge at 50% health and summon 8 Sons of Flame. After re-emerging he will begin to summon additional Sons of Flame.



Wrath of Ragnaros

Knocks back players in melee range 25 yards and deals 1000 fire damage. Resets main tank threat.

Lava Burst

Blasts a random ranged target dealing 1387 damage and knocking back anyone within 8 yards.

Sons of Flame

Mana Burn (Fire)

Removes mana in an AOE 8 yard radius and deals damage equal to each point of mana removed.


Due to the Wrath of Ragnaros ability, it’s recommended to use two tanks on this fight with the backup tank moving out before Wrath of Ragnaros is cast and moving back in to taunt after the Main Tank gets punted (Intercept or Feral Charge are great at this).

Once reaching 50% health, Ragnaros will submerge and enter the Sons phase where 8 Sons of Flame will be summoned. These can be banished, feared, rooted and stunned and must be CC’d or killed immediately. Hunters can use frost traps, mages can frost nova or improved blizzard and warlocks/priests can use fear. Note that as soon as the last Son is defeated Ragnaros will immediately respawn. It’s recommended to pause damage on the final son to allow players to properly get back in position to avoid a Lava Burst killing your entire stacked raid.

For the last 50%, the raid has 3 minutes to defeat Ragnaros or the Sons phase will repeat. During the final 50% Ragnaros will continue to summon Sons of Flame periodically. These should be banished and all DPS should focus on Ragnaros.

Role Summaries

Ragnaros Tanks

Be ready to charge/intercept back to Ragnaros when punted by Wrath of Ragnaros. Having crafted Dark Iron and fire resist is a huge boon on this fight as the majority of the damage from Ragnaros will be Fire.


Healers should be evenly spread throughout Ragnaros’s Cavern in order to properly heal the random Lava Burst explosion damage but should be aware to not get close to the Sons of Flame as they do an AOE mana burn. Additional care needs to be focused on the tanks as they will take heavy damage.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS can be stacked up but will need to run out during Wrath of Ragnaros or they will get knocked back 25 yards.

Ranged DPS

Ranged DPS needs to be spread out. If space is tight it’s possible to stack two ranged in one area to prevent no more than two players from being hit at the same time from Lava Burst.


Greater Fire Protection Potion

All players should have a Greater Fire Protection Potion popped before the fight with at least three more ready to be used per attempt.


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