Stonewrought UI seeks to restyle the default Classic interface in a Dwarven influenced style.

Extract the Stonewrought_UI zip file and paste the contents of the “Interface” folder directly into your Interface folder (Not the Addons folder).

Alternate Textures
There are some alternate textures that you can swap if you prefer (see shots). To do so, delete only the files that you intend to swap from the Interface folder, then replace them by pasting the alternate files into the Interface folder.

Example: delete the Minimap folder from the interface folder and replace it with the Minimap folder inside the Stonewrought_Alternate_Versions/Alternate Minimap_01 folder.


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3 years ago

Does this addon still work? I tried to install but I couldn’t get it working. Probably outdated.

Last edited by Kare
Reply to  Kare
2 years ago

Hey! This isn’t an addOn but really a texture, meaning you have to paste the contents of the interface folder from Stonewrought UI in to WoW Interface and not the addOns one.

Last edited by thomz
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