Corduroy is a simple Classic Coordinate addon that will add both your Cursor and current Players XY coordinate data to the Default Blizzard World Map. Corduroy also enables you to send Coordinate information over various chat channels/whisper and provides the ability to Copy/Paste your players current location.

Feature List – v0.2

  • Adds both Cursor and Player XY coordinate location to the bottom of the Default Blizzard World Map
  • Slash command to Copy/Paste your Player Coordinate Location to Clipboard – Example Usage: /corduroy copy
  • Send Player Location to: Say, Party, Whisper, Raid, BG with Slash commands – Whisper Example Usage: /corduroy w playername
  • Print Silently your XY Location to the console

Corduroy Features

Example Usage

  • By Default Corduroy will add Cursor and Player XY data to the Default Blizzard Map
  • /corduroy help – Will print out all the possible command options for corduroy
  • /corduroy s – Will say your current location
  • /corduroy w playername – Will send playername your current location
  • /corduroy p – Will put your current location into party chat
  • /corduroy raid – Will put your current location into raid chat
  • /corduroy console – Will print your current location to the console (Only you can see this message)
  • /corduroy copy – Will pop up a window with your current location that can then be copy pasted


  • Zone information included in Whisper / Copy Paste
  • Command to toggle on and off Player and Cursor Coordinates on Map

By: juju


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4 years ago

same issue for me – commands work and add-on is enabled. Can type /corduroy s and say co-ordinates as workaround.

Last edited by metoo
4 years ago

I don’t see the coords on my map for player or cursor. The commands are working normally though. I’m not sure if I may have missed a step or something?

Last edited by speeeztv
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