ChaChing V 3.0

ChaChing Version 3.0

ChaChing is another AddOn that permits a player to sell items in bulk. To this end, ChaChing supports the following options

  • Sell all poor quality (i.e., grey) items. This is the default, but the player can turn this option off
  • Sell all common quality (i.e., white) armor or weapons items. ChaChing also supports the ability to exclude certain white items
  • such as skinning knives, fishing poles, arclight spanners, etc., from being sold
  • Sell all items, regardless of type or quality, by selecting a bag in which ALL items in that bag will be sold.

When a player opens a merchant window, ChaChing places a button at the top left of the window,[ChaChing]. When/if this button is clicked, ChaChing will vendor all of the items in the player’s inventory as configured by the player. If, for example, bag[2] was configured as a “sell all” bag, ChaChing will sell all items in bag[2] in addition to all other configured items.

You may access ChaChing’s interface options menu in two ways:

  • Press ESC to call up Blizzard’s in-game menu, click on the [Interface Options] tab, click the [AddOns] tab, and then select ChaChing from the list of AddOn.
  • Issue the “/cc config” command in the game’s Chat box.

The following options are available:

  • Two checkboxes, [Sell Gray] and [Sell White] item. The latter only sells common quality Armor and Weapons.
  • Five inventory bag checkboxes, one for each bag slot. Checking any checkbox instructs ChaChing to sell each and every item in that bag.
  • Excluding selected items: if a player wants to prevent ChaChing from ever selling an item, the player must drop and drag the item to the Entry Box. This will place the item in a table of items that will not be sold. For example, most of us have a common (white) quality fishing pole. You should place all such needed items in the table of items not to be sold.


  • All items residing on the exclusion table are retained across game essions (i.e., UI Reload and player logout/login events). At present, individual items cannot be removed from the exclusion list. Rather, the exclusion list must be cleared of all items. To do this, click the [Remove Entries] button on the Excluded Items dialog (“cc showtable”).
  • If the [Sell Grey] box is cleared (i.e., unchecked), upon UI Reload or player logout, the [Sell Grey] checkbox will again be checked when the player enters the game world.
  • If the [Sell White] box is checked, it will remain checked until the player manually unchecks it. In other words, the state of the [Sell White] checkbox is retained across UI reloads and login/logout events.
  • [Bag] selections are not retained when the player across game sessions. Upon reentering the game world, the [Sell White] button will be unchecked as will all bags.
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