Changes to Existing Runes in Phase 3 Datamining for Season of Discovery

season of discovery spirit of the alpha chest

Datamining has begun for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, which launches April 4th. Along with all of the new runes and abilities that are being added to the game, here’s a look at the changes to existing runes.

Druid Runes:

Hunter Runes:

  • Sniper Training now increases crit chance by 2% (down from 10%), but stacks up to 5 times with stacks gained every 2 sec (down from 6 sec).
  • Steady Shot causes 75% ranged weapon damage (up from 60%).

The Trueshot Aura spell has also been modified to increase party members’ ranged attack power as well as their melee attack power.

Mage Runes:

Paladin Runes:

  • No changes

Priest Runes:

  • No changes

Rogue Runes:

  • No changes

Shaman Runes:

  • Lava Lash now deals 100% off-hand weapon damage (down from 150%), increased by 125% (up from 50%) if your off-hand is enchanted with Flametongue.
  • Spirit of the Alpha no longer increases the casting shaman’s Attack Power. Instead, it increases their physical damage done by 5% and reduces their threat generation by 30%.
  • Way of Earth now requires an equipped shield.

Warlock Runes:

  • Lake of Fire now requires the caster to channel Rain of Fire for its full duration, but also increases the fire damage you deal by 50% (up from 40%).

Warrior Runes:

  • No changes

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