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Chat & Communication, Class, Tooltip, UI & Compilation  •  techiew

This addon lets you link your spells and talents in chat to other players just like you would in retail. How to use: 1. Open your chat box by pressing Enter. 2. Shift-click a spell…

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Kiwi Item Info

Bags & Inventory, Tooltip  •  PoliteKiwi

WoW Classic Addon | Shows iLvl (with colors) | Weapon/Armor Differences(shift hover) | Vendor Prices (unit/stack) | Highlights All Grey Named Items with LCTRL | Provides an Item Da…

Auctioneer Wow Classic Addon 1.13


Auction & Economy, Tooltip  •  Maekor

Auctioneer Suite provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease. From purchasing to posting, the Auctioneer Suite provides ti…



Quests & Leveling, Tooltip  •  Abstraction

Simple add-on that tracks how many mobs you have to kill to level up. Client version : 1.13

Classiccodex Wow Classic 1.13 Quest Map Addon


Map & Minimap, Quests & Leveling, Tooltip  •  Furious

ClassicCodex is a ported version of pfQuest by shagu that was for Vanilla 1.12. Most of the core functionalities from pfQuest were ported / rewritten for the modern WoW API and sho…

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Better Vendor Price

Auction & Economy, Bags & Inventory, Tooltip  •  MooreaTv

Shows per individual, current stack and full stack prices. Works anywhere including bags, vendors, item links in chat and the Auction House. Works for classic (and BfA) The source…


Leatrix Plus (Classic)

Chat & Communication, Map & Minimap, Tooltip, Unit Frames  •  Bobus

Leatrix Plus is an efficient and modular addon which offers lots of quality of life improvements to enhance the default user interface. Features such as Automated quest turn-in, au…

Vendor Price Wow Classic Addon

Vendor Price

Tooltip  •  Furious

Tries to replicate displaying the vendor price of items in the tooltip of items. Pressing left ctrl while bags are open will now flash the cheapest grey item in your bags so that y…

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