Tries to replicate displaying the vendor price of items in the tooltip of items.

Pressing left ctrl while bags are open will now flash the cheapest grey item in your bags so that you can easily find the cheapest item in your bags to delete if your bags are full and not close to a vendor. Works for default bags and OneBag3 addon only, if you are using some other bag addon and the feature does not work just leave a comment on what bag addon you are using so that I can add support for it.

by: Icesythe7, Ketho


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2 years ago

Can you add the identify cheapest item support for the bagnon/combuctor bag addons?

Last edited by Chris
Brian Hoffman
Brian Hoffman
2 years ago

How do you get Better Vendor Price add-on to scan the AH for current prices?

Last edited by Brian Hoffman
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