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Boss Encounters, Combat, PvP, Quests & Leveling  •  techiew

This addon simply automatically accepts resurrections. By default, it will not accept resses while the resurrector is in combat, this is useful if you for example have a druid that…

Followmepls Exide

FollowMePls – Auto-follow addon

Quests & Leveling  •  techiew

Works for Classic and retail! This addon lets group members make you follow them when they whisper you “!follow”. This is useful when you have a friend that routinely goes AFK, or…



Quests & Leveling, Tooltip  •  Abstraction

Simple add-on that tracks how many mobs you have to kill to level up. Client version : 1.13

Storyline Wow Classic Addon 1.13


Quests & Leveling  •  Furious

Storyline provides a new quest frame, that panel appearing when you get a quest from a NPC. While the World of Warcraft UI has improved over the years one thing Blizzard never touc…

Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic Wow Classic Addon 1.13

Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic

Quests & Leveling  •  Furious

Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic is a speed leveling addon for World of Warcraft Classic. Currently Supported: Nigh Elf: Level 1-40 Dwarf/Gnome: Level 1-40 Human: Level 1-40 Undead: Le…


Field Guide

Action Bars, Class, Map & Minimap, Quests & Leveling  •  cloudbells

Field Guide Best used with TomTom! If you notice any inaccuracies or bugs please let me know! /fg and /fieldguide will open the window. /fg minimap and /fieldguide minimap will tog…

Total Quest Xp 1.jpg


Quests & Leveling  •  Cassini

TotalQuestXP Track the amount of XP you’re set to gain at turn-in. Current Version: 1.7 NOTICE: Since this addon relies on quest-caching when quests are accepted, this addon will n…

Classiccodex Wow Classic 1.13 Quest Map Addon


Map & Minimap, Quests & Leveling, Tooltip  •  Furious

ClassicCodex is a ported version of pfQuest by shagu that was for Vanilla 1.12. Most of the core functionalities from pfQuest were ported / rewritten for the modern WoW API and sho…


Classic AutoQuest

Quests & Leveling  •  BobNudd

A minimalist auto quest acceptor/hand-in for that non classic experience. Currently being developed, maintained at: visit for the…

Questlogex Wow Classic Addon


Quests & Leveling  •  Furious

QuestLogEx is an extended quest log inspired by EQL3. This adds quest levels, colors, and an extended window with quest details.

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