All New (Non-Raid) Loot in Phase 3 Datamining for Season of Discovery

This Week in Season of Discovery Darkmoon Faire in Mulgore

There’s plenty of new loot to look forward to in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery! We’ve rounded it all up here in one convenient location. If you’re interested in poking around in all of the datamined content, you can find the current build ( on Wago Tools.

Note that some of these items were first datamined in last week’s build, but have since been adjusted, so they may be worth a second look. And of course, any of these items could change again before Phase 3 launches, while others may not make it into the game at all.

Miscellaneous Items

We’re not sure if or where these items might be obtainable, but they are both in the current PTR build and both within the level range for Phase 3.

  • Infernal Lasso allows hunters to tame core hounds as pets. It’s unclear how you’d get this item or where it could be used in Phase 3, since core hounds only exist inside Upper Blackrock Spire and Molten Core, which won’t be accessible yet.

Waylaid Supply Officers

Two new items are being added to the Supply Faction vendors, purchasable with the appropriate reputation with Wow Alliance Crest Azeroth Commerce Authority or Durotar Supply and Logistics. These are trinkets with fun on-use effects that turn you into a bush or a crate.

New Darkmoon Cards

There are four new epic trinkets being added to the game which can be obtained by collecting eight Darkmoon Cards and creating a deck, which you can then turn in at the Darkmoon Faire. We’ll be keeping an eye out for where you can find all of the cards, but in the meantime you can check out the cards and their decks on our New Darkmoon Cards page.

New Profession Crafted Items

There are new crafting recipes coming to all of the major crafting professions in Phase 3. Most of these will be obtained through an epic quest chain in the Sunken Temple raid. The majority of these items are soulbound, so you can only get them if you make them yourself. Check them all out in our New Profession Crafted Items overview.

Emerald Wardens Reputation Rewards

The Emerald Wardens are the new faction being added to the game along with Nightmare Incursions, a type of repeatable PvE content that will take players level 20 and up to the four Emerald Dream portals scattered around the world. You can see all of the items, including the new Emerald item sets, in our Emerald Wardens Reputation Rewards guide.

New Blood Moon Rewards

The Blood Moon Event is going to stick around as the main world PvP event in Phase 3, and there will be some new level 50 rewards to encourage players to continue jumping into the fray. We’ll be buying these items with Massacre Coins, which are replacing the old Blood Coins. Check out our overview of the New Blood Moon Event Rewards to see what items are available for your class.

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