New “Nightmare Incursions” Are Repeatable PvE Events Available in Season of Discovery Phase 3

new nightmare incursions repeatable pve event available in season of discovery phase 3

Remember those eerie portals back in the day, like the one in Duskwood, that were guarded by powerful members of the green dragonflight? In vanilla these portals didn’t really do much, but this time around these are going to be gateways to a PvE event filled with madness, corruption, and potentially a few dragons!

sod p3 nightmare incursion portals

This will be repeatable content, offering a new way to gain experience on your path to the new level cap of 50! So far, this is what we know:

  • This is content aimed at characters lv 25-50.
  • There are 4 portals, located in: Duskwood, Ashenvale, the Hinterlands, and Feralas.
  • Some of these will be able to be solo’d, but others will have more powerful enemies requiring you to find groups to tackle.
  • You will gain reputation with a new faction called the Emerald Wardens by taking these events on.
  • The Emerald Wardens will offer new rewards ranging from lv 20 items aimed at alts or newer characters, to lv 50 epics that will have powerful statlines and bonuses.

sod p3 nightmare incursion emerald warden rewards
A preview of some of the items available as rewards through the Emerald Wardens faction

For the full scoop on what’s going on with Phase 3, the video from Blizzard below offers more details.

Nora Valletta – (Source)

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