Season of Discovery Phase 3 Blood Moon Updates, PvP Class Sets, & PvP Currency Changes

season of discovery blood moon updates, pvp class sets, and pvp currency changes

A ton of Phase 3 news for SoD has been dropped on us today, and there’s some big updates coming to make PvP a lot more balanced and fleshed out!

Blood Moon is going to see several updates, mainly focusing on rewards offered:

  • The level cap is expanded to lv 50, and so there will be appropriate rewards added for that level.
  • A new currency is introduced – Massacre Coins, gained from killing higher level players in the event.
  • The old currency, Bloodstained Commendations, are going to be phased out and any you have on your current characters will expire 2 weeks after Phase 3 starts.
    • You can still farm these pre patch 1.15.2 and use them through the grace period to min-max if you so like.
  • New PvP Honor consumable item available, bought with new currencies.
  • Up to Rank 14 will be available sometime after the patch launches.

blood moon sod phase 3 pvp weapon rewards
New Blood Moon PvP Rewards Preview

Due to gear not being especially balanced at this point in the game for PvP specifically, there’s going to be PvP class sets introduced focused on PvP. The information released on them so far is:

  • These will be lv 50 sets for each class, and each class will have multiple sets offered to cover the use cases of multiple specializations/builds.
  • The stats on these pieces will offer quite a bit more survivability than most of the PvE offerings at this point in the game.
  • They’ll be full 6-piece sets with bonuses at 3 pieces and 6 pieces.
    • Bonuses will be tailored to your class and with PvP as the main focus.
  • There is a “starter set” available to give you an entry point, before you have enough resources to get the max gear offered, from a new faction called the Emerald Wardens.
  • Requires ranks 5-7 to earn or equip.

season of discovery blood moon updates pvp class sets and pvp currency changes 1
PvP Class Set Preview

For further news on what we’ll be seeing in Phase 3 or any other questions, check out the video from Blizzard, below!

Nora Valletta – (Source)

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