Buffs & Debuffs

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Buffs & Debuffs, Combat, PvP  •  techiew

This addon will make you automatically spit on anyone in the enemy faction who dies in your vicinity. In a battleground this can turn you into a spitting machine gun. This was made…

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Five Second Rule

Boss Encounters, Buffs & Debuffs, Class, Combat, PvP, Quests & Leveling, Unit Frames  •  Cassini

Current version: 1.20 This is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic. Track the “5-second-rule” for mana-regeneration The purpose of this addon is to track the so-called “5-second-…

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Necrosis Classic

Buffs & Debuffs  •  dopsz

Necrosis based of the original codebase reworked for 1.13. We picked up Necrosis (original) and started fixing it for WoW Classic Beta. To us this addon was a must have for every W…

Nugrunning Classic Wow Classic Addon

NugRunning Classic

Buffs & Debuffs, Combat  •  Furious

NugRunning Classic is an addon for WoW Classic that offers the following features. Multi-target Good default whitelist Timers are customizable for each spell Optional nameplate tim…

Wow Classic Weakauras Addon 1.13


Boss Encounters, Buffs & Debuffs, Class, Combat  •  Furious

WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows the display of highly customizable graphics on World of Warcraft’s user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other r…

Wow Classic Clique Addon

Clique [Classic]

Buffs & Debuffs, Combat, Unit Frames  •  Furious

Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world. You can bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combinatio…

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