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Feedback Wanted: Further Adjustments to Layer Behavior in Stranglethorn Vale - 23 February, 2024

Feb 24, 2024


Today we’ve implemented some adjustments and fixes that should more reliably keep groups together during the Blood Moon event in Stranglethorn Vale and we were hoping to get some feedback around your experience this coming weekend.

Please note that if your layer is completely full, new people joining your group may not be able to move to your layer after being invited to your group. This is expected behavior to prevent performance degradation caused by a layer becoming overfull. You may consider grouping up and moving into Stranglethorn together with your group ahead of the event starting to avoid being unable to play together after the event starts in the event your layer’s Stranglethorn Vale zone fills up.

We appreciate your patience on this and have been working hard to make this a better experience. We plan to make additional incremental adjustments as needed, and your feedback is still very helpful here. When providing feedback, please be as specific as possible about what you observed. If you have an issue, here’s some good information to include:

  • Please describe the behavior or experience in as great a detail as possible.
  • Who was impacted by that behavior?
  • Where were the players who were impacted located?
  • What day and time (server time) did the issue occur?
  • What realm are you on?

The more experiential feedback you provide with a high level of detail, the better will be able to continue to make adjustments to improve the experience. We understand that it may be frustrating in the moment, but simply telling us “there was lag” or “my party can’t stay together” is not going to be as helpful.

Here’s a few examples of a good way to report these issues to us:

  • “I was in a group of 4 in Booty Bay and invited a 5th person to the group at approximately 3:14 PM server time Feb 24th on Crusader Strike. That 5th person was unable to join us on our layer”
  • “I was fighting near the Gurubashi Arena at roughly 6:20 PM server time Feb 26th on Living Flame in a full 5 player group, and I experienced input lag that caused my abilities take 1-2 seconds to fire. There were roughly 50 other players within a few hundred yards of my location”.
  • "I was in a group of 5 players gathered near the Kurzen Camp and 2 members of my party were removed from my layer at 12:25 AM server time Feb 24th on Lone Wolf. "

Thank you,

  • The WoW Classic Dev Team
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