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Congratulations to the First to Ring the Gong!

Aug 5, 2020

Earlier today, we watched as players on four realms in this region completed the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline, went to Silithus along with hundreds of others, and rang the gong, starting the 10 Hour War.

Congratulations to the first three gong ringers on each realm:

Player Name Guild Realm
Tetsu Progress Firemaw
Xcrement URO Firemaw
Dårligdps Evig nedtur Firemaw
Athell gusy Golemagg
Valdi No Comment Golemagg
Mavroula Seven Sins Golemagg
Mourtagh Maximum Effort Mograine
Smask Calamity Mograine
Vord Dread Mograine
Minmaxed Venture Earthshaker
Royal Chocolate Milk Earthshaker
Kaxxy Rewind Earthshaker

We look forward to seeing you in Ahn’Qiraj!

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