WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Servers Close Feb 14th!

wow classic season of mastery servers close feb 14th

The Season of Mastery realms that opened on November 16th 2021 as an experimental version of classic WoW are closing on February 14th 2023. That’s the same day as Valentine’s day in case that slipped your mind! Season of Mastery included changes to standard classic WoW, such as having bosses with new mechanics, in addition to other changes, like faster leveling, cheaper mounts, and increased debuff slots on enemies.

SOM characters will need to be transferred off of those servers. If you are an SOM player unsure of where to transfer to, I recommend you make a level 1 character on the populated Classic Era realms. In NA those are Whitemane (PVP) and Mankrik (PVE), and in the EU they are Firemaw (PVP) and Pyrewood Village (PVE).

Transferring to WotLK servers is also an option — in fact, they are the first option you will be given. However, Classic Era is growing! Simply click on “and 3 more…” to see the Classic Era servers to transfer to. The era population continues to grow and will be a great fit for SOM players. Many have already transferred and are raiding and PvPing with us on era. See you there!

Kaivax – (Source)

As the Season of Mastery WoW Classic experience approaches its end, we will disable the “Enter World” button for all Season of Mastery realms on or after Feburary 14, 2023. After that time, you will be unable to enter the game from the character selection screen.

We intend to keep your Season of Mastery character list available for some time thereafter, so that you can initiate free transfers from Season of Mastery realms to Classic Era or Wrath Classic realms. We do not yet know how long that access will continue to be available, but we will let you know once we do.

We suggest that all Season of Mastery players initiate free transfers for your characters as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!

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