Upcoming Changes to Leveling in Season of Discovery Phase 3

gnomeregan 5

Season of Discovery has had numerous different leveling speeds available so far. In the latter half of Phase 2, we had effectively double exp, as well as Blackfathom Deeps, providing significant experience to catch up.

leveling updates phase 3 season of discovery

In Phase 3, that double exp will remain, as well as a 50% bonus between levels 40 and 49, making the leveling process a bit less painful. Gnomeregan will also become a leveling raid, just like Blackfathom Deeps. This means that you can do it every 3 days for a big experience boost.

Finally, the new feature, Nightmare Incursions, will function as a leveling supplement from level 25 and onwards. While we don’t know a ton about this feature yet, expect to find out more in the coming days.

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