Second PvP Damage Reduction Test This Weekend in Season of Discovery

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Blizzard is testing out a PvP damage reduction aura again this weekend. The aura will be similar to the one that was tested last weekend, but slightly reduced.

The damage reduction applied will be 20% for physical damage and 30% for magical damage. Players who have been damaged by another player or player pet will also receive 20% less healing for 10 seconds. The aura applies to all players and player pets.

The test will go live at 10 a.m. PDT on May 3rd and will last until the weekly reset four days later.

Kaivax – (Source)

This weekend, we’re going to run a second test with a few modifications. Feedback indicated that the damage reduction was a little too strong, and was a little too strong.

Starting tomorrow, May 3 at 10:00 a.m. PDT, we’ll enable an aura that does the following in PvP combat between players (and player-controlled pets and other units):

  • 20% damage reduction from all Physical damage done by players or player pets.
  • 30% damage reduction from all Magical damage done by players or player pets.
  • For 10 seconds after being damaged by another player or player’s pet, the damaged player receives 20% less healing.
    • This would be multiplicatively cumulative with Mortal Strike, meaning a character with both effects would take 60% reduced healing (0.5*0.8=0.4=40% healing received or 60% prevented).

We’re also fixing some interaction issues with self-damage effects (Seal of Martyrdom, Hellfire, Shadow Word: Death), and Chaos Bolt will again lose its benefit where Fire spells ignore absorb effects.

Again, we’ll enable the aura on all Season of Discovery realms on Friday, May 3 at approximately 10:00 a.m. PDT (19:00 CEST), and it will be disabled four days later, during scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.

We look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

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