Season of Discovery Bloodstained Commendations Going Away in Phase 3

season of discovery bloodstained commendations going away in phase 3

So Thursday, April 4th is SoD’s Phase 3 launch. If the region you’re in has already had weekly reset (For NA, it should already be done) you can still buy your Bloodstained Commendations up until Thursday. Commendations you buy before then will contribute to increasing your rank, as the cap will increase with Phase 3’s launch, and the effects should be seen during the next weekly reset!

Check out what Linxy has to say on the matter for further details.

Linxy – (Source)

The current version of Bloodstained Commendations are going to remain purchasable until Thursday when Phase 3 launches. Make sure to buy any you want before then!

Note that if you are already Rank 5 and you use them today, you won’t rank up tomorrow as the level cap has not increased yet. Rank 5 characters should use them after maintenance tomorrow so that you get that honor for the following week’s reset on April 9.

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