Seal of Martyrdom is Getting a Buff in Season of Discovery

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In addition to the previously announced changes coming to Season of Discovery with tomorrow’s class tuning, Blizzard has just announced the addition of a “significant” buff to the Seal of Martyrdom ability for Paladins.

Citing the effectiveness of Shamanistic Rage for Horde, the developers are looking to give the Alliance equal footing in terms of mana regeneration.

There’s a big caveat, though: they will be looking to tune down all mana return abilities in the next patch. They just didn’t want to nerf anything this week while groups are still clearing the raid for the first time.

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We’ve added one more change to what’s coming tomorrow:


  • The mana return of Seal of Martyrdom has been increased significantly.

As the phases have progressed the value and effectiveness of Shamanistic Rage has increased, mana has essentially become a negligible concern for many horde raids utilizing multiple shamans in phase 3. However, the mana return of Seal of Martyrdom has been comparatively quite modest since the launch of Season of Discovery.

We’ve decided to significantly buff the mana return of Seal of Martyrdom to bring it in line with the mana return of Shamanistic Rage. We recognize that the current phase has seen casters’ power progression fall behind that of melee specs, so we don’t want to further increase that divide at this time. We also don’t want to hinder raid groups who made progress in the raid last week with a nerf.

In general, we feel that mana as a resource should matter, and in the next patch, we’re going to evaluate and tune-down mana return mechanics as a whole to ensure that there is still gameplay around managing it.

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