wow sod no immunities in gnomeregan
  • Author: Strong
  • Date: February 7, 2024
  • Updated: February 7, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

In a recent interview with Youtubers “The Comeback Kids,” Senior Game Producer for Wow Classic Josh “Aggrend” Greenfield and Lead Software Engineer for WoW Classic Nora Valletta gave some insights into Phase 2 Season of Discovery and onward. Fairly tight-lipped about some of the more far-reaching questions on later phases and the future of SoD in general, they did answer some question as to the difficulty of Gnomeregan as a 10-man raid.

When asked about immunities and resistances in Gnomeregan, Aggrend stated, “I think it’s safe to say nothing will be outright immune to bleeds and stuff like that; however, there will be likely additional resistance. It will certainly not be as punishing as BFD was to casters early on; that was probably too punishing, and we learned some lessons there.”

Rogues and Warriors probably breathed a sigh of relief at that quote, but this raises questions about the difficulty-level of Gnomeregan. Perhaps the inverse is true and the developers are indicating their desire to make the DPS playing field more even on the DPS charts. Those lessons that the developing team learned will hopefully lead to a raid as challenging as Blackfathom Deeps but with more accessibility to hitherto neglected DPS classes and specs.

One more interesting thing of note was Aggrend’s thoughts on quality of life changes; particularly, the difference that he perceives between quality of life changes and “major, systemic, gameplay-affecting things.” Notably he includes a 41-yard nameplate vision distance as being of that latter category.

“The short answer is we’re always looking at that kind of stuff; the long answer is that we have to be very careful where seemingly innocuous changes to ameliorate specific, minor concerns may have larger impacts on the game writ large.”

We’ll see which of these changes are considered “quality of life” and which are too gameplay-altering to include.

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