Free Transfers From PvP to PvE Realms Are Coming to Season of Discovery

Free Transfers From PvP to PvE Realms Are Coming to Season of Discovery

The developers have announced that they plan to open free character transfers from PvP to PvE realms for Season of Discovery players. These free transfers will begin tomorrow after the weekly maintenance and will be opening and closing throughout the week. The windows to transfer will be limited and tightly controlled so as not to throw off any realm’s carefully maintained faction balance.

Phase 3 has seen a lot of conflict around nightmare portals, dungeon entrances, and other high traffic areas on PvP realms. The combination of higher realm populations and and enforced faction balance in Season of Discovery, along with a heavy focus on exploring the open world, have put the enemy factions face-to-face a lot more than we’ve been used to seeing in WoW Classic. In previous versions of the game, PvP realms tended to be dominated by one faction or the other to an extent where PvP was practically non-existent. Some players are unhappy with the way things have evolved, so Blizzard is offering them a way out.

Blizzard is not guaranteeing that everyone will have the opportunity to transfer. Expect transfers to open and close very quickly. If you’re hoping to transfer with a group, you may want to make a plan with your friends and guildmates so no one gets left behind.

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Good evening everyone,

When we launched Season of Discovery, we made some bold decisions, one of those was the creation of Enforced Faction Balanced PvP Realms. When we did this, we did our best to communicate some caveats that this may not end up being the experience you want from World of Warcraft, as PvP realms can be an intensely challenging experience at times. While we are very happy with how the faction balance system has worked out, we know from player feedback internally and externally that the reality of a balanced presence of both factions on a single realm, and that individual layers will not always have equal factions, means that some folks have now decided they would instead prefer a PvE ruleset, but have characters locked to these PvP realms.

To that end, we genuinely want everyone to have the best time they can in Season of Discovery, so over the next few weeks, we will be periodically opening Free Character Transfers from PvP realms to PvE realms. These transfer windows will open and close fairly rapidly, and we offer no guarantee that you will be able to transfer. The reasoning for this is simple; we need to ensure that one faction doesn’t disproportionally leave a realm, undoing months of hard work with realm faction balance.

These transfer options will be periodically available starting Tuesday and will open and close throughout the rest of this week.

As always, thank for you joining us in Season of Discovery. We’ve experimented a lot and learned much that will ultimately lead to bigger and better things.

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