Blackfathom Deeps Reimagined as a 10 man Raid in Season of Discovery (SoD)

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In an exciting twist that promises to reshape the World of Warcraft Classic experience, Blizzard has just announced a new temporary level cap of 25 and end-game level 25 content to accompany it.

The iconic Blackfathom Deeps will return as a thrilling 10-man raid instance with revamped bosses, new mechanics and of course new loot!

Blackfathom Deeps: From Dungeon to Raid

Long known for its captivating lore and intricate design, BFD is set to become the first new raid instance introduced to Season of Discovery! Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Seven new Bosses!

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Baron Aquanis, the formidable aquatic lord, is the inaugural first boss! Positioned at the end of the infamous jumping puzzle, heroes must triumph over a host of deadly water-based abilities to defeat him.

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Ghamoo-Ra, the mighty turtle boss, emerges as the second formidable raid boss in new the BFD 10-player raid. With unwavering resilience in the form of a damage shield, players will need to use their wits to defeat this foe.

wow seasonofdiscovery blackfathomdeepsraid boss ladysarevess 001

Lady Saravess exerts control of a legion of Blackfathom Elite. According to BlizzCon, players will be need to master the art of turning her own spells against her, making this encounter a test of strategy.

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Witness the corruption of Gelihast and take on the march of the void murlocs!

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Break past Lorgus Jett’s magical barriers and corrupted totems!

wow seasonofdiscovery blackfathomdeepsraid boss twilightlordkelris 001 png jpgcopy

Conquer your dreams as you challenge Twilight Lord Kelris!

wow seasonofdiscovery blackfathomdeepsraid boss akumai 001 png jpgcopy

The final boss of the revamped 10-man raid BFD is Akumai! This towering three headed menace looks mechanically intensive from the brief snippet we saw at BlizzCon. Lead Developer Tim Jones left us with this harrowing warning: “… and good luck against the giant Void Hydra. Seriously, you’re going to need it,” setting the stage for a thrilling and challenging showdown against this familiar foe.

Discover Secrets Within the Raid

In the BlizzCon announcement, Tim Jones highlights several ‘secrets’ for players to uncover in this new raid instance!

Among these hidden treasures, he unveiled the “Secret of the Twilight Artisan,” an enigma sure to pique our curiosity.

It was also revealed that players will have the opportunity to unearth valuable and coveted recipes for Blackfathom Sharpening Stones and Wizard Oil.

A new world buff, the Boon of Blackfathom was also announced!

New Rewards

Get ready to embark on a loot hunt of epic proportions, as Blizzard unveils a dazzling new array of loot set to accompany the forthcoming raid in Season of Discovery. Here is the loot we’ve seen so far!

bfd loot

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