RUF – Raeli’s Unit Frames

RUF is a configurable Unit Frame addon using oUF. RUF isn’t as fully featured as some unit frames, but should also use less resources while playing than most unit frame addons too.


  • Supports Player, Pet, Target, Pet’s Target, Target’s Target, and Party frames.
  • Nickname – Like Details! In fact, this is synced with Details! This will sync to other people using RUF or Details! (or any other addon that supports NickTag-1.0)
  • Unique custom indicator status icons in place of the standard ones. These are icons such as PvP stats, Target Marks etc. These are made through a font file, so they scale much better and retain clarity better than the normal indicator icons.
  • Buff and Debuff icons with optional type and dispellable highlighting and basic filtering. (more advanced filtering coming later)
  • Frame Highlighting for dispellable auras (debuffs on friendly units, or buffs on enemy units)
  • Cast Bars for Player, Target, and Focus frames.
  • Several pre-configured layouts to choose from in the profile section.
Classic Only Features
  • Supports RealMobHealth if installed (must be installed separately)
  • Uses LibClassicDurations to display durations of short buffs and debuffs on units (Use OmniCC or TullaCC for numbers on the aura icons)
  • Uses LibClassicCasterino for Cast Bars to get non-player unit casting information to show enemy cast bars.

Classic Support

RUF supports Classic, but requires my modified version of oUF to function. This is included with RUF on Curseforge automatically. As such, you should ensure that you do not have oUF installed separately as it’s own addon. (This doesn’t matter for Live users, only Classic users)


RUF works with RealMobHealth in classic to try and estimate an enemy unit’s actual health. If you want show actual health instead of only percentages for enemy units, all you need to do is download RealMobHealth.


In Classic, UnitAura (how you track buffs/debuffs) returns 0 for the duration of a buff or debuff on a non-group target (enemies or allied players not in your group). LibClassicDuration attempts to solve this. It’s included with RUF when you download it from Curseforge and works automatically. If you want to see numbers on RUF’s buffs or debuffs, you’ll want to grab OmniCC or TullaCC as well.


In Classic, you cannot reliably determine non-player casting information. RUF uses LibClassicCasterino to try and gather this information from the few events we can track, but it’s not perfect. As such, if an enemy player cancels their cast, there’s no way of knowing this until they perform another action. This means that once a castbar is created and shown, if the enemy player stops their cast, the cast bar will still display to its normal end. This is of course immediately updated as soon as they begin a new cast.

Known Issues

RUF has been rewritten with the release of Classic, as such, some features are still being worked on. Currently options that affect Buffs/Debuffs or Borders of any type will require a UI Reload to take effect.


You can configure RUF by typing /ruf in game. * Usability of the configuration options will improve with time with the ability to copy and paste settings from unit to unit.

Feedback & Support

You can report issues on Curseforge or contact me directly on Discord.

I’ve setup a Patreon to go toward my WoW subscription. If you’d like to throw me a dollar to keep my addons working, check out the link below. Cheers.

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