BiggestExecute – Execute Tracker

Works for Classic and retail!

This addon tracks your biggest executes and optionally announces new records to you and your party.

The addon tracks PvE and PvP execute records separately, it also distinguishes between non-crit records and crit records. By default, the addon will announce new records to your party (does not announce in raids) you can disable this by using a command.


New PvE crit record

Commands (type them in chat):

/big – Shows all commands

/big pve – Shows PvE records.

/big pvp – Shows PvP records.

/big parse pve – Parses PvE record to chat. Add ‘crit’ to parse biggest crit.

/big parse pvp – Parses PvP record to chat. Add ‘crit’ to parse biggest crit.

/big 0/1/2 – 0 = Disable announcing records. 1 = Announce only to yourself. 2 = Announce to your party and to yourself.


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