AutoRoll (Classic)

Current version: 0.3

This is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic.


A simple, chat-command based addon that lets you create automated loot rules for group-loot. 

In example, if you wish to always pass on Black Diamonds, type the following command in the chat:

/ar pass [Black Diamond]

Here, [Black Diamond] is the actual in-game item link. This of course sets some restrictions on how to interact with the addon. However, once you’ve seen the item drop once, you can quickly set up a rule to need/greed/pass it in the future. In order to create an item-link, open up the chat box, hold down left shift and left click on your item.

Chat Commands

The format of the chat commands is pretty basic and follows this pattern:

/ar <command> <item or item group>

The following commands are available: rules, pass, greed, need, clear.

/ar rules lists all your existing rules in the chat.

/ar pass [item-link] always pass the linked item in the future

/ar greed [item-link] always greed the linked item in the future

/ar need [item-link] always need the linked item in the future

/ar clear [item-link] remove any existing rules you’ve created for that item (keyword “reset” also works). The keywords “remove”, “ignore”, and “reset” also works.


Predefined Item Groups

Oftentimes I find myself needing to change the rules of multiple items. This includes the Zandalari Coins and Bijous.

Therefore, two predefined item groups exist to make this easier: coins and bijous.

Use any of the commands above (pass, greed, need, clear) followed by either “coins” og “bijous”.

In example:

/ar greed coins to always greed on the Zandalari coins.

/ar greed bijous to always greed on the Zandalari bijous.


If you need to remove all your rules

Type in the following command but keep in mind that there is no confirmation or going back.

The predefined groups will still be available, but disabled of course.

/ar clear all rules to remove any rules you might have created.


Coming soon

  • Support for multiple item-links in a single command.
  • UI elements to make configuration easier.


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