WoW Classic Hardcore News Roundup – August 10th 2023

A plethora of Classic Hardcore news has landed this week. Here’s the rundown!

In the article Get In and Get Going: Classic Hardcore, Blizzard tells you everything you need to know about installing, updating and getting started in Classic Hardcore.

In the article Adventures in Classic Hardcore: What’s Playing they detail instrumental changes being made to dungeons lockouts, as well as announce that all Classic content will be available upon release, including every raid. Blizzard ominously warns that even though players can zone into every raid, doesn’t mean they should. Be wary, adventurers!

In both of these posts, Blizzard references the Rules of Engagement: a comprehensive set of rules covering everything from PvP, 24 hour dungeon lockouts, removing the debuff limit and more.

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World of Warcraft veteran of 18 years. Ex world first raider and rank 1 healer. Slayer of dragons. Lover of cats.

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