WoW Classic Era & Hardcore Patch Notes: New Guild Interface and World Buffs

WoW Classic Era & Hardcore Patch Notes: Guild Interface and World Buffs

As many players have already noticed, there have been a few changes implemented in WoW Classic Era and Hardcore realms alongside the changes that were made this week in Season of Discovery.

Among the updates are the addition of a new Guild Interface, similar to the one seen in retail World of Warcraft and now in Cataclysm Classic. The new interface is separate from the existing Social pane, giving your guild chat its own window where you can read back through recent conversations, even if you were offline for them.

The Alliance now have their own world buff, equivalent to Warchief’s Blessing for the Horde: Might of Stormwind. In addition to this new buff, existing world buffs Songflower Serenade and Dire Maul Tribute are no longer dispellable by enemy players.

Finally, Druids can now use polearms.

Kaivax – (Source)

WoW Classic Era and Hardcore
Version 1.15.3
July 9, 2024

Classic Era and Hardcore

  • The Guilds user interface has been updated to provide more ease of Guild management.
  • Alliance players now have access to the Might of Stormwind, to a version of the Warchief’s Blessing world buff effect. This new buff is gained for turning in a new quest “End of the Dark Horde” in Stormwind and is mutually exclusive with Warchief’s Blessing.
  • The Songflower Serenade and Dire Maul Tribute buffs can no longer be dispelled by enemy players.
  • Druids can now train and use polearms.

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Revert these horrible changes at once!

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