Phase 4 of Season of Discovery is Now Available on the PTR

wow classic season of discovery ptr

You can now log in to the WoW Classic Era PTR and select the Seasonal tab, where you’ll find a realm available to test out the new runes and class abilities for Phase 4 of Season of Discovery.

Check out the PTR Development Notes for a complete accounting of what you’ll find on the Public Test Realm. You can read about all of the content that is planned for Phase 4 here.

There is one known issue at the moment with the new cloak runes, which is detailed below.

Aggrend – (Source)


We are aware of an issue on PTR where cloak runes are not showing up on many characters. We are working to resolve that issue now. It may be some time as we’ll potentially need a new build to resolve it.

Thanks for your patience.

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