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On August 22nd 2023 Classic Era received patch 1.14.4 which brings the revamped PVP system, the launch of Hardcore (remember to check our guide on Hardcore WoW Classic — Full Introduction & Overview), and a lot of bugs and broken addons. The good news is that many addons did still work, or, at least, by the end of the day most were updated.

Broken addons did not stop players from instantly queueing for Alterac Valley, which is the first time AV has been played on classic era when it was not its monthly bonus weekend — there are so many people eager to rank up in the new system because it is a bit more casual. This will be a very exciting time for Classic Era, as more players PVPing means faster queue times and, most importantly, more clothies for me to ambush on my rogue!

One sad downside is in the PVP reset: as Blizzard had mentioned, not all lifetime honorable kills would carry over with their reset. My rank 13 warrior had a whopping 100000 HKs, and when I logged in I had just over 30000. I guess it’s time to get back in the gulch!


Let’s talk real quick about Classic WoW being on the retail client, just like Wrath of the Lich King is. The positive here is that addons will be easier to maintain because authors will not need to make three versions of an addon. The downside is that this makes classic feel a little less like classic, and there is the fear that features seen on Retail such as the WoW Token may make their way to Classic Era.

Whether you are playing Classic Era, or the new Hardcore I hope you are having a blast! I will be levelling a Warrior on Hardcore!

Kaivax – (Source)

With the 1.14.4 patch to WoW Classic Era, we’ve updated how PvP ranking works, both in immediate gameplay and via weekly rank calculations. For those who wish to know the details of how this system calculates weekly ranking, we’ve put together the following overview.

Each week during the weekly reset, the system now takes the following steps:

  1. Convert the player’s total weekly honor points to Contribution Points (CP).
  2. Find the player’s “expected rank”, given this amount of CP.
  3. If the player’s “expected rank” is greater than or equal to their current rank, then for each rank above their own (up to a maximum of 4 ranks), they are awarded the difference in CP between each rank above theirs and the next below it, multiplied by the honor change factor for that rank.
  4. If the player’s expected rank falls below their current rank, they will instead decay.
    • Please note that in this new system, de-ranking is not possible due to decay that comes from the player doing no PvP in a given week. De-ranking can now only happen if the player is at the lower end of a rank and chooses to commit dishonorable kills while not earning enough positive honor to offset them.

Honor points convert to CP based at different rates between ranks 1 – 6, ranks 7 – 10, and ranks 11 – 14. Honor points are worth less CP in higher ranks.

500,000 honor points is the upper limit for a week, and 500,000 honor points equates to 65,000 CP (Rank 14). 175,000 honor points equals 40,000 CP (Rank 10), and 45,000 honor points equates to 20,000 CP (Rank 6).

Each rank has a required CP threshold and an honor change factor. For example, if a player’s final total amount of CP is 23,014, that would put them in Rank 6. We use the honor change factor to determine what percentage of CP earned should be awarded for each rank.

CP Required for Rank
Change factor for Rank

*For rank 1, you must satisfy minimum PvP requirements — at least 15 HKs.

Here are a couple of examples of calculations that take place.

Example 1
A player is currently at Rank 4 and earns 50,000 honor points.

The weekly calculation is based on the amount of honor points gained this week. 50,000 honor points equals roughly 20,769 CP.

The “expected rank” for that amount of CP is Rank 6, since 20,000 CP is the minimum threshold for Rank 6. Rank 6 is higher than their current rank, so they will gain ranking progress this week. (If players’ expected rank falls below the next rank up, they will instead decay.)

For each rank the player has qualified for — at or above their current rank, up to a maximum of 4 ranks — they are awarded CP. First, we have (Rank 5 CP – Rank 4 CP) * (Rank 5 honor change factor). Then we add (Rank 6 CP – Rank 5 CP) * (Rank 6 honor change factor). So for this week in total, the player will earn: ((15,000 – 10,000) * 0.8) + ((20,000 – 15,000) * 0.8) = 8,000 CP. This will bring the player up to Rank 5.

Example 2

A player is currently at Rank 2 and earns 500,000 honor points. 500,000 honor points equals the maximum amount of earnable CP in a week, which is 65,000.

65,000 CP is the minimum threshold for Rank 14, so the player’s “expected rank” is Rank 14.

For each rank the player has qualified for — at or above their current rank, up to a maximum of 4 ranks — they are awarded CP. First, we have (Rank 3 CP – Rank 2 CP) * (Rank 3 honor change factor). Next, add (Rank 4 CP – Rank 3 CP) * (Rank 4 honor change factor). Next, add (Rank 5 CP – Rank 4 CP) * (Rank 5 honor change factor). Finally, add (Rank 6 CP – Rank 5 CP) * (Rank 6 honor change factor). So for this week in total, the player will earn: ((5,000 – 2,000) * 1.0) + ((10,000 – 5,000) * 0.8) + ((15,000 – 10,000) * 0.8) + ((20,000 – 15,000) * 0.8) = 15,000 CP. This will bring the player up to Rank 5.

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