Massive Warlock Changes, Rogue, Mage and Tank Shaman Nerfs

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We have a new batch of changes already available on the PTR for Season of Discovery, including quite a few interesting ones.

For Mages, [Pyroblast] will no longer have a mana cost if cast with [Hot Streak]. This should go a very long way in aiding mana issues for Fire Mages. [Brain Freeze] now also makes [Balefire Bolt] instant with no mana cost. A bit of an odd change for the Frost Mage identity, but likely a needed one. Finally, [Frostfire Bolt] has had its damage reduced by 16% in an attempt to give way to competition.

For Paladins, the [Malleable Protection] Rune, together with [Holy Shield], will now grant Attack Power instead of Spell Power based on overcapped Defense.

For Rogues, [Mutilate] and [Envenom] have had their damage reduced significantly, likely to make room for other specs.

For Shamans, [Way of Earth] now massively reduces the range of most cast-time spells. This is intended to make the spec less powerful in PvP, but will almost certainly have an impact on things such as long range pulls in dungeons, initial aggro, and group support viability. On the other hand, [Molten Blast] now scales better with Fire Spell Power.

For Warriors, [Thunder Clap] now scales more with Attack Power.

Last, and absolutely not least, Warlocks have a long list of changes. [Shadowflame] is no longer mutually exclusive with [Unstable Affliction], and can now not only proc [Improved Shadowbolt], will provide 10 charges of [Improved Shadowbolt] instead of the usual 5. [Demonic Pact] now applies to the entire raid, not just the Warlocks party. [Demonic Knowledge] now provides significantly less bonus spell damage. Felguards have had their damage and health increased significantly. [Grimoire of Synergy] now has a 10% chance to provide a 10% boost, changed from 5% and 25% respectively. [Shadow Bolt Volley] has had its damage penalty significantly reduced.

A new ability for Warlocks has been added, [Fel Armor]. This grants increased Spell Damage and Health Regeneration, as well as additional Spell Damage based on Spirit. This is mutually exclusive with other Armor spells.

[Mark of Chaos] is now a Boot Rune, and activates on any Curse except [Curse of the Elements] and [Curse of Shadow]. [Soul Siphon] is now a Cloak Rune. [Incinerate] is now a Wrist Rune.

[Immolation Aura] has been redesigned, and will now trigger on being attacked instead of constantly pulsing AoE damage.

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